July 2, 1739

1739 July 2 (Monday).  I visited Mr. Isaac Tomlin on Mr. Pomeroys Horse.  John Rogers mowing p.m.  The Gentlemen, viz. Mr. White, Mr. Pomroy, and Mr. Jarvis went afishing at the River by Neighbor Hows.[1]  I went to raking Hay.  At Evening came Brother Robert Breck[2] and with him Mr. Mirrick,[3] a preacher at Cold Spring.[4]  N.B. We lodg’d Seven more than our own Family.

[1]Hezekiah How lived close by the Assabet River, the present boundary between Northborough and Westborough.

[2]Rev. Robert Breck, Jr., of Springfield, Mass.

[3]Noah Merrick (YC 1731), later minister at Wilbraham, Mass., 1741-1776.  Dexter, 431-33.

[4]The plantation which became the town of Belchertown, Mass., in 1761.

July 3, 1739

1739 July 3 (Tuesday).  Mr. Pomeroy took leave and Sett off for New Haven.  N.B. Mrs. Pierpoint was very ill in the Night and this morning.  My Wife was up most of the night.  Mr. White went for the Doctor early after break of Day, and he came, upon which She grew better.  Mr. Breck, Mr. Mirrick, Mr. John Jarvis and I rode to Marlborough.  Din’d at Dr. Gotts, Mr. Cushing and his wife and Mr. Caleb Rice[1] dining with us.  Thence we proceeded to Cambridge.  I lodg’d at Father Champneys.

[1]The deacon of Marlborough.

July 4, 1739

1739 July 4 (Wednesday).  Mr. Joseph Grants Mare which I rode down got out of the Pasture this morning, but I got Deacon Sparhawks[1] lad to go up the Road after her which she [sic] did.  I rode to Boston to see my Mother and fetch my Cloths which I did before meeting.  My Kinsman Elias[2] came over from Captain Sharps[3] where he has lodg’d for some Time because of his Infirmitys.  I din’d in the Hall.  N.B. a very great storm of Thunder, Rain and Wind, at Dinner time.  N.B. A Most agreeable Century Oration by the President.[4]  N.B. Mr. Worthington[5] of Seabury and Mr. Parsons[6] of Lyme in Connecticut at our Commencement.  I was chiefly entertain’d at Sir Buckminsters.[7]  Sir Woods[8] did not keep Commencement.  No Company at Father Champney’s, He being much disordered.

[1]Samuel Sparhawk of Cambridge.

[2]Parkman’s brother, Elias Parkman of Boston.  [Walett may be mistaken, as this appears to be Parkman’s nephew; see August 22.]

[3]Robert Sharp of Brookline.

[4]Rev. Edward Holyoke, President of Harvard College.

[5]Rev. William Worthington (YC 1716), minister at Westbrook (Saybrook), Conn.,1724-1756.  Dexter, 156-58.

[6]Rev. Jonathan Parsons (YC 1729), minister at Old Lyme, 1729-1745.  Dexter, 389-93.

[7]Joseph Buckminster (HC 1739), later minister at Rutland, Mass., 1752-1792.  SHG, 10:348-54.

[8]Benjamin Woods (HC 1739), eldest son of Col. Benjamin Woods of Marlborough.  SHG, 10:416.

July 6, 1739

1739 July 6 (Friday).  Brother Champney carry’d my Daughter Molly to Waterton to Mr. Benjamins[1] and from thence she rode up Mrs. Pierpoints Horse.  We din’d at Baldwins.[2]  Mr. Keyes of Boston din’d with us.  Mr. Frink and Mr. Willard[3] of Biddeford with us up to Marlborough.  John Rogers work’d Tuesday and Thursday most of the Day, but went home before night because he was sick.  Mrs. Pierpont recovered.

[1]Daniel Benjamin, Jr., Selectman of Watertown.  Bond, Watertown, 28.

[2]Capt. Samuel Baldwin of Weston.

[3]Rev. Samuel Willard (HC 1723), minister at Biddeford, Me., 1730-1741.

July 9, 1739

1739 July 9 (Monday).  Mrs. Pierpoint, Mr. White and Mrs. Sarah Noyes Sett out upon their Journey, And my wife and I accompany’d them up to Worcester.  We call’d at Mr. Cushings, going and returning.  We din’d at Deacon Howards, and proceeded as far as Mr. Burrs,[1] where we parted.  We return’d at Evening.

[1]Rev. Isaac Burr of Worcester.

July 10, 1739

1739 July 10 (Tuesday).  No Body at Work at Corn or Hay from Day to Day (except a Few Rows of Corn plough’d by Deacon Forbush) John Rogers being Sick.  Showery.  N.B. Jonathan Witt[1] and Dinah Johnson[2] here in the showers.  I walk’d out towards Eve as far as to Mr. Whipples.[3]

[1]Of Southborough.  Hudson, Marlborough, 474.

[2]Daughter of Timothy Johnson of Southborough.

[3]Francis Whipple of Westborough.

July 12, 1739

1739 July 12 (Thursday).  I walk’d to Mr. Rogers’s in the Morning.  Dr. [?] Daniel Forbush[1] and Zebulon Rice[2] came to Hoing my Corn.  At about 3 p.m. came Mr. Winchester[3] and Mr. James Fay[4] and mowed in my upper South Side.  I rode on Mr. Winchesters Horse as far as Mr. Charles Rice’s[5] for Hands to come to work and thence I rode up to Mr. John Pratt to see what he had done about the Ministerial Meadow, and I understood that he had mow’d and made 4 Load and a Half — that he began to Mow the Day before Commencement, and that of what he had made he had carted home half a Load.  N.B. Colonel William Ward[6] was here again upon the Affair of his son, of Sturbridge, and he stay’d and din’d with us.  In the Eve Simon Tainter, junior, and James Bradish brought Jonas Warrin and Charles Bruce to be admitted into the private Society.

[1]Son of Deacon Jonathan Forbush.

[2]Son of Charles Rice of Westborough.  He had recently married Abigail, daughter of Deacon Jonathan Forbush.

[3]Benjamin Winchester.

[4]Son of Capt. John Fay.

[5]Son of Edmund Rice, an original settler of Westborough.

[6]One of the founders of the town of Southborough.  A surveyor, extensive landowner, selectman, and representative of Marlborough and Southborough.  Charles Martyn, The William Ward Genealogy (N.Y., 1925), 85-86.

July 13, 1739

1739 July 13 (Friday).  Elijah and Adonijah Rice[1] and Phinehas Forbush[2] to help me.  Elijah mow’d, the others hoed.  Ensign Maynard’s old Mare to plough.  P.M. Charles and Ephraim Bruce[3] came and the first mow’d, the other hoed.  Yet they did not get the hoing done.  N.B. Mr. Breck, Mr. Merick and Colonel Phycheon here, and having din’d pursu’d their Journey.

[1]Son of Charles Rice.

[2]Son of Deacon Jonathan Forbush.

[3]Sons of Abijah Bruce.

July 15, 1739

1739 July 15 (Sunday).  On Matt. 10.1-4.  P.M. Repeated sermon on Eph. 3.8, page 10 to 17, from Eph. 2.7.  At noon I took advice with the Deacons about laying Brother Isaac Tomlins Circumstances before the Church, he being very languishing and his help gone from his Business, so that his Interest and Affairs and necessary provision for his and his Familys subsistence Suffer without any Body to pitty him.  They advis’d me to lay it before them.  N.B. Brother Abijah Bruce made some hasty reply, judging it unfit to be mentioned on the Lords Day.  I answered that works of mercy, and providing for the distress’d Members of Christ was one of the most proper Dutys of the Lords Day.

July 17, 1739

1739 July 17 (Tuesday).  I borrow’d Ebenezer Maynards Horse and rode to Grafton to Mr. Harwoods[1] to See his Mare, to Mr. Jonathan Morse’s to see an Horse of his and to Mr. Prentices who rode with me to Deacon Whipples[2] Son’s to look of his Beast, but I bought neither of them.  In the Evening I was in at Mr. Phinehas Hardys,[3] and return’d home.

[1]Benjamin Harwood.

[2]James Whipple of Grafton.

[3]Of Westborough.

July 22, 1739

1739 July 22 (Sunday).  Sacrament.  Preach’d on Ps. 16.2.  Cousen Winchester din’d with us.  P.M. Benjamin How[1] and his Wife made their Humiliation.

[1]Worcester church records, 22 July 1739: “Benjamin How and Tabitha his Wife made their Humiliations for the sin of Fornication and being restored to Charity, She was baptized and then their son Jonathan was baptized also.”  The child was born 29 May 1738.

July 23, 1739

1739 July 23 (Monday).  In the morning William, John and Jonathan Rogers and James Bradish were mowing for me (Upon Wages) and the last of them continued all Day, but the 3 Rogers’s went home after Dinner.  Cornelius Biglo also mow’d from 10 a.m. till night and then lodg’d with us.  P.M. I rode  over to the Funeral of Mr. Lull’s Child.  At my Return Mr. Cushing made me a visit.

July 26, 1739

1739 July 26 (Thursday).  Drisly weather.  In the morning we pol’d in Hay.  At noon walk’d as far as Jedidiah Hows where I had an Horse to ride to Shrewsbury Lecture.  I did not get up there till Mr. Cushing had begun the Publick service.  I preach’d on Jude 10.21 to page [blank].  N.B. Dr. Stannton Prentice[1] and three of his Sisters there.  After Lecture I visited Mr. Isaac Tomlin who yet remains in a very low Condition.  Mrs. Brigham[2] of Marlborough (Mrs. Hepsibah Maynards[3] Mother) dy’d.

[1]The physician of Lancaster.

[2]The widow of Samuel Brigham.  Hudson, Marlborough, 334.

[3]Mrs. John Maynard of Westborough.

July 31, 1739

1739 July 31 (Tuesday).  Fine Weather.  Mr. Biglo reaping.  At Evening I walk’d to the ministerial Meadow.  Found that there were 4 Stacks of Hay, 3 Load in Cock and about as much in Swarth and that all the South part of the Meadow was mowed.  In returning home visited Mr. Whipple who had been ill and confin’d by Rheumatism for some Time.  Mr. Biglo’s sisters came to see him.  Mr. Biglo lodged here.