June 24, 1742

1742 June 24 (Thursday).  I rode over to the North of Shrewsbury and preached to a Young Society there on 1 Thess. 1.10.  Mr. Cushing returned home, but the Rain prevailed So that I was obliged to lodge with Mr. Morse[1] at Mr. Bushs.[2]  N.B. The Request of the North Side of Shrewsbury to the General Court to be Sett off a New Township by them Selves I hear is granted.

[1]Ebenezer Morse (1718-1802), Harvard 1737, minister at Boylston, 1743-1775; SHG, 10:211-17.

[2]There were several families in Shrewsbury with the surname Bush.  Based on the timing of births (Shrewsbury VR, 23), Parkman’s sole reference Mr. Bush is probably to John, husband of Martha.  John Bush d. July 14, 1757 (Shrewsbury VR, 246).