October 28, 1782

1782 October 28 (Monday).  Mrs. P________ has lain some time in the lower Room.  Sits up a While in the Day, but She is Still exercised with Such Fitts of Coughing as waste her exceedingly.  P.M. came Mr. Fitch.  He agrees to Send me Montanus’s Hebrew Bible to use as long as I want it.  He carrys away four Pamphlets.  Dr. Solomon Williams Ordination of Mr. Jacob Eliot: Dr. St[iles?] Installment of Mr. Hopkins: Tachygraphy; and a Poem delivered at Commencement.  At Eve came Mr. Jon. Forbes.  He brought a very handsome good Cheese of 14 1/2 weight.  Mrs. P________ at Eve and night very bad Turns of coughing.