October 11, 1782

[1782 October 11 (Friday).]  The Committee on Adams’s Affair came here at Evening.  Dr. John Gott on his Journey back from Connecticut was here: relates the Strange Conduct of the Shakers at Windham.  Mr. Hazzletine and Young Wilder of Cohoss here.  N.B. Hear that Madam Prentice of Grafton has been with the Shakers.  N.B. I have received by Mr. Eliot of Watertown from Rev. Johnson of Lime Catalogue and Commencement Papers.  Mrs. P________ grows more pained and Confined with her sore.  At Eve Ebenezer read to me Mr. Grove’s sermon on 2 Tim. 1.10, Death abolished by Christ.  N.B. Sad News of House-breaking; and Sundry Thieves imprisoned.