November 6, 1782

1782 November 6 (Wednesday).  Last night and this Morning was another most memorable Time with me!  Was by degrees extremely Sho[rt] breathed, and as if departing!!  But God was pleased in infinite Goodness to Pity and Relieve me at this time also.  To His name be praise and Glory.  [From this point, not in Parkman’s hand.]  Mr. Ebenezer Maynard’s Wife watches.

November 21, 1782

1782 November 21 (Thursday).  [Parkman’s hand resumes.]  Alexander after considerable Excursions about his Difficult Affairs, returns and lodges here.  At Eve Ensign Aaron Warrin made me a Visit; and very amicable.  N.B. I have had (through divine Goodness) several very good and quiet nights, without getting up at all, but once in each, to drink.  A great alteration with me indeed.  Mr. Brigham returned home.