September 1, 1782

1782 September 1 (Sunday).  Preached on Joh. 15.9.10 a. and p.m. to page 14, beginning. Administered the Lords Supper.  Mr. William Temple of Alsted, dined here.  N.B. In the time of forenoon public prayer I had for a little space, a suspension[‘s?] but after a while went on again.  Thanks to God for His Assistance!  N.B. The Fires are prevailing in the Meadows below us, and many are kept from Meeting to stop, and quench and guard it.

September 5, 1782

[1782 September 5 (Thursday).]  Mr. Brigham goes to Boston, and I go to the Fast at Southborough.  Mr. Kellogg began the Solemnity with Prayer.  Mr. Fitch preached a.m. on Jer. 5.25, “Your Iniquities have turned away these things etc.”  He prayed p.m. and I preached on Isa. “For the People turneth not, etc.”  May the Lord pardon and graciously accept — Send Rain, pour out His spirit — grant a Pastor after His own Heart; and Pity His Heritage in General and revive His Work universally!  My Letter to Mr. Dan. Adams to inform his of our Adjournment and reprove him etc.  I committed to the Care of Mr. Fitch, who said he should deliver it that Evening.  My Son Ebenezer was with me.  We returned home at Evening.  I understand that Mrs. White is grown very bad.  She had a very bad Night, and no better Day — has Watchers and has had Several Doctors.  Squire Hawes (as he is now called) and Dr. Daniel Brigham.  Dr. Mountague has also seen her — and all judge her Case is dangerous.  May God grant due preparation for His holy will!

September 8, 1782

1782 September 8 (Sunday).  Preached a. and p.m. on Prov. 12.26.  Mrs. Maynard dined here.  N.B. I gave public Notice of the Funeral of old Mrs. Hannah Beeman who expired this Morning — 90 Years old last May.  God Sanctifie this Death to especially such of us as are hoary!  N.B. Mr. Brigham, who returned last night, brought a Letter of the [blank] from Mr. Moore.

September 9, 1782

1782 September 9 (Monday).  Mr. A. Beeman here in the Morning, that I might acquaint him with my Obligations to preach tomorrow for Mr. Grosvenor.  My Son and Daughter having dined with us, Sat out in their Chaise; their Children also [inkspot].  Mrs. White is able to Sit up a little.  My Son Ebenezer wrote and sends [inkspot] to his Sons at West-point, by a Man going up there.

September 10, 1782

1782 September 10 (Tuesday).  Fast at Grafton on Account of the Drought.  I rode up.  Deacon Wood and my Son Ebenezer rode up with me.  Mr. Fish prayed, and Mr. Sumner preached a.m.  The Text was Ezek. 18.36, latter part.  Mr. Fish p.m. on Heb. 2.3, Mr. Sumner having prayed before it.  My part was the last prayer, in which was the gathering up and the closing[?].  And may God most gracious and Mercifull, pardon, accept [illegible] glory Succeed!  My son and I returned safely at Eve.  To God be all Honor and praise!

September 21, 1782

1782 September 21 (Saturday).  My Daughter Baldwin, aided by her son Isaac, came from Cape Ann — last from Horns Tavern where they lodged, and came here to Breakfast this Morning.  They are greatly fatiegued.  Isaac returned back to Charlestown, and leaves his Mother here. Ebenezer and Elias still here: But our Family is lessened and relieved, in some Measure, by Mrs. White’s going from us, to Mr. Graves’s.  Elias waited upon her with an Horse.

September 23, 1782

1782 September 23 (Monday).  Capt. Morse came and brought a noble Cheese of 20 weight. Daughter Baldwin returned to Brookfield.  Elias with her.  P.M. Church Meeting on Adams’s Affair.  Both the Contending partys came.  After Prayer and a Pathetic Address to each of them perswading to mutual Condescension and forgivness, it was recommended to them to choose a Number of Persons Mutually to assist them to hear both sides and advise etc.  But the urging this was in Vain.  The Church must do it, for Mr. Adams would consent to no other.  We therefore heard his Papers of Evidences — and two living Witnesses, viz. Deacon Phips and Timothy Twitchell were called and heard.  We also heard the Womans Petition to the Governor and Council (which complains of her Husbands committing Adultery).  But the Church inclined to improve the Help of a Committee — therefore Voted to have one: the Number to be Five: the Persons, Elijah Brigham, Deacon Hawes, Joseph Harrington, Isaac Davis, and Eli Whitney.  To These therefore the Case was committed — and they are to meet at this place, this day fortnight, at 9 a.m. with Power to call for Persons, Papers etc., as Shall be Needed.  The Meeting concluded with Prayer and Blessing.

September 26, 1782

1782 September 26 (Thursday).  Mr. Langton and Daughter leave us.  Isaac Baldwin returns from Cambridge to BrookfieldTheir great Horse is Sick (of [Potts?] etc.) and like to die.  A Fast at Marlborough to Seek a Minister of God and on account of the Great Drought.  Mr. Puffer began with prayer; and Mr. Whitney of Northborough preached on 1 Cor.  P.M. Mr. Newall (who was sent to), not coming, Mr. Plumb prayed.  I preached on Amos 4.11, latter part.  May God accept the Offerings and grant our Requests!  My son Ebenezer waited upon me.  I met with a bad Fall in getting out of a Chaise, and hurt my right Legg.  We returned home at Eve.

September 27, 1782

1782 September 27 (Friday).  My Steers came home last night from Templeton: and Squire Baker wants to have them of me.  He has them accordingly.  Mr. Forbes and his Lady from Cape Anne; Mr. Cushing and his Children, George and Sally with him, and lodge here.  We have Such a Number of Horses that we send, One to Mr. Elisha Forbes, and one to Deacon Woods.  Mr. Cushing reads Dr. Huntingtons plea for Mrs. Fisk at Stockbridge, before an Ecclesiastical Council Oct. 6 and 7, 1779.[1]

[1]Joseph Huntington (1735-1794), A plea before the venerable ecclesiastical council at Stockbridge, in the cause of Mrs. Fiske. Delivered the sixth and seventh of October, one thousand seven hundred and seventy nine. By a gentleman from Connecticut (Norwich [Conn.]: Printed by John Trumbull, near the Meeting-House,, M,DCC,LXXX. [1780]; Evans 16806).

September 28, 1782

1782 September 28 (Saturday).  Mr. Forbes (accompanyed by Ebenezer) goes to West Sudbury.  Mr. Cushing and his son George to Shrewsbury.  Mrs. Forbes and Sally Cushing remain with us.  Elias returns from Brookfield, and he has been to Springfield and Northampton.  A Letter from Mr. Quincy.  Mr. Cushing returns from Shrewsbury and goes to Southborough to preach there.  His Son George goes with him.

September 29, 1782

1782 September 29 (Sunday).  My Leg had been painful in the Night, and I had but broken sleep.  However, I went to Meeting.  Attempted to preach a.m. on Heb. 4.9, but I could not use my Notes much.  My Sight was not clear.  On Occasion of the long continued Drought, from Ps. 42.1.  N.B. Mrs. Maynard and a Kinswoman of hers, Mrs. [blank] dined here.  At Eve Mr. Forbes and Ebenezer returned from Sudbury and Mr. Cushing and his Son from Southborough.