October 1, 1782

1782 October 1 (Tuesday).  God is pleas’d to grant me the Favour to begin Another Month.  To His Name be praise and Glory!  Mr. Cushing reads to me Dr. Huntington’s Letters, Observations etc. in Defence of Mrs. Fish [blot] against Mr. West and the Church with him, of Stockbridge.  And we read Mr. Alexanders large Letter from Norwich to me on the same Subject.  P.M. Mr. Brigham goes on his Journey to Boston.

October 4, 1782

1782 October 4 (Friday).  Mr. Forbes preached an excellent Sermon at his Cousen Elisha’s on Luk. 10.20, latter part — “but rather rejoice, because your names are written in Heaven.”  It was very Seasonable and well accepted by a considerable Auditory.  I pray God to add His Special Blessing thereon!  N.B. Mr. Elisha gave an handsome Entertainment and gave generous Invitation to his Relations and Friends, and with his Chaise kindly waited upon Mrs. P________ and me to the Dinner, and came home with us in the Same manner at Even.

October 5, 1782

1782 October 5 (Saturday).  Mr. Forbes and his Consort having lodged here, Sat out for Cambridge.  N.B. Mr. Brigham returned home last night, informs me of the Death of the Aged and venerable Mr. Daniel Perkins of Bridgewater. “Help Lord!  when the godly man perisheth, and when the righteous fail among the Children of Men!”  He tells me also that the good and worthy Mr. Woodward of Weston is very ill, and his Life despaired of.  Mr. Brigham, further, has brought a Letter from Dr. Holyoke of Salem, to Elias to Signifie to him the Terms on which he would take a Tyro: and my Son returns an Answer by Forbes: and which I perceive is, that his Demands are too high.

October 6, 1782

1782 October 6 (Sunday).  I did not begin with Singing — I broke off with Design; but neither was there so much as one Singer in the Place when I went.  I preached a. and p.m. on Ps. 42.  Am informed that dear Mr. Woodward expired yesterday!  Help, Lord!  The Godly Man ceaseth!  Will the Lord graciously pity the Widow and the Fatherless Children, and Supply the awful Vacancy, that they mayn’t be as Sheep without a Shepherd!  O that I might my Self be ready!  I repeated at Eve.  N.B. Several of our Church Committee went to Captain Morses after Evening Meeting, to Speak with one Mrs. Esther Cook, a Witness in the Case of Mr. Adams and his Wife.

October 11, 1782

[1782 October 11 (Friday).]  The Committee on Adams’s Affair came here at Evening.  Dr. John Gott on his Journey back from Connecticut was here: relates the Strange Conduct of the Shakers at Windham.  Mr. Hazzletine and Young Wilder of Cohoss here.  N.B. Hear that Madam Prentice of Grafton has been with the Shakers.  N.B. I have received by Mr. Eliot of Watertown from Rev. Johnson of Lime Catalogue and Commencement Papers.  Mrs. P________ grows more pained and Confined with her sore.  At Eve Ebenezer read to me Mr. Grove’s sermon on 2 Tim. 1.10, Death abolished by Christ.  N.B. Sad News of House-breaking; and Sundry Thieves imprisoned.

October 17, 1782

[1782 October 17 (Thursday).]  I attended the burying of Mr. Jonathan Batherick’s Infant: still-born.  [Mr.] Grosvenor sends yesterday to me a Letter by Mr. Langton that he can’t preach my Lecture.  I wrote to Mr. Fitch, and no Opportunity offering I Wrote again to Mr. Plum, who I hoped would.  [I] was obliged to prepare for my Lecture my Self, and p.m. preached on 1 Joh. 1.7, which was indeed to but a few.  A Letter from Mr. Plumb.  May God grant a Blessing to my poor Endeavours to the few that came!

October 18, 1782

[1782 October 18 (Friday).]  Various Company to day.  Squire Whipple of New Braintree came.  Mrs. P________ no better.  Reports of Several Sad Occurrences.  Mrs. White returned to us and lodges.  Mrs. P________ is much laid by.  May God prepare us for His Will!  The House is much filled, yesterday and to day.  The Workmen from Brecks, rebuild the Oven, and put in a New Crane in the East Room.  Mrs. Hicks and her Daughter in her Return dined here.

October 20, 1782

[1782 October 20 (Sunday).]  I endeavored to Preach a.m. on Gal. 6.4, but I could not read the old Notes which I made many years agoe.  Mrs. Maynard dined with us.  P.M. preached on Exod. 14.13.  May God graciously accept!  Mrs. P________ has been very bad with her Cough for Several Nights and is very ill otherwise.  The Lord prepare us for His holy Will!  [In margin: A Letter from Mr. Quincy, of October 5 and 8th.]  Ebenezer at Eve, read Mr. Grove’s Sermon on Heb. 11.13, first Clause.

October 23, 1782

1782 October 23 (Wednesday).  Mrs. P________ takes a Puke.  Rev. Mr. Joseph Thatcher of Gorham at Eve.  He goes on to Mr. Isaac Johnsons in Southborough.  Mrs. P________ lies below.  Capt. William Brigham comes from Marlborough with the Sorrowlful Tidings of the Death of our Kinsman Uriah Brigham last Evening, of an Apoplectic Disorder.  The Lord grant us who Survive, to be always ready, and Pity the Widow and Fatherless!  Major Ezra Beeman and Cousen Maynard dined here.

October 25, 1782

1782 October 25 (Friday).  Mrs. P________ is under grievous Exercise by her Cough Still, though Dr. Haws is using his best Endeavors to help her.  A.M. Cousen Maynard with their Carriage, driven by Mr. Stephen, her Son, took up Several of us, and we rode to the House of Mourning in Marlborough, the late Dwelling of Lt. Uriah Brigham, and dined there.  P.M. Rev. Mr. Fitch of Hopkinton came and prayed.  I rode to and from the Grave in the same Manner.  The whole has been a very Solemn season.  May the Impression be abiding!  We waited for Moon-Lig[ht] and then in a Cold Evening arrived here.  Thanks to God!

October 28, 1782

1782 October 28 (Monday).  Mrs. P________ has lain some time in the lower Room.  Sits up a While in the Day, but She is Still exercised with Such Fitts of Coughing as waste her exceedingly.  P.M. came Mr. Fitch.  He agrees to Send me Montanus’s Hebrew Bible to use as long as I want it.  He carrys away four Pamphlets.  Dr. Solomon Williams Ordination of Mr. Jacob Eliot: Dr. St[iles?] Installment of Mr. Hopkins: Tachygraphy; and a Poem delivered at Commencement.  At Eve came Mr. Jon. Forbes.  He brought a very handsome good Cheese of 14 1/2 weight.  Mrs. P________ at Eve and night very bad Turns of coughing.