September 23, 1782

1782 September 23 (Monday).  Capt. Morse came and brought a noble Cheese of 20 weight. Daughter Baldwin returned to Brookfield.  Elias with her.  P.M. Church Meeting on Adams’s Affair.  Both the Contending partys came.  After Prayer and a Pathetic Address to each of them perswading to mutual Condescension and forgivness, it was recommended to them to choose a Number of Persons Mutually to assist them to hear both sides and advise etc.  But the urging this was in Vain.  The Church must do it, for Mr. Adams would consent to no other.  We therefore heard his Papers of Evidences — and two living Witnesses, viz. Deacon Phips and Timothy Twitchell were called and heard.  We also heard the Womans Petition to the Governor and Council (which complains of her Husbands committing Adultery).  But the Church inclined to improve the Help of a Committee — therefore Voted to have one: the Number to be Five: the Persons, Elijah Brigham, Deacon Hawes, Joseph Harrington, Isaac Davis, and Eli Whitney.  To These therefore the Case was committed — and they are to meet at this place, this day fortnight, at 9 a.m. with Power to call for Persons, Papers etc., as Shall be Needed.  The Meeting concluded with Prayer and Blessing.