September 5, 1782

[1782 September 5 (Thursday).]  Mr. Brigham goes to Boston, and I go to the Fast at Southborough.  Mr. Kellogg began the Solemnity with Prayer.  Mr. Fitch preached a.m. on Jer. 5.25, “Your Iniquities have turned away these things etc.”  He prayed p.m. and I preached on Isa. “For the People turneth not, etc.”  May the Lord pardon and graciously accept — Send Rain, pour out His spirit — grant a Pastor after His own Heart; and Pity His Heritage in General and revive His Work universally!  My Letter to Mr. Dan. Adams to inform his of our Adjournment and reprove him etc.  I committed to the Care of Mr. Fitch, who said he should deliver it that Evening.  My Son Ebenezer was with me.  We returned home at Evening.  I understand that Mrs. White is grown very bad.  She had a very bad Night, and no better Day — has Watchers and has had Several Doctors.  Squire Hawes (as he is now called) and Dr. Daniel Brigham.  Dr. Mountague has also seen her — and all judge her Case is dangerous.  May God grant due preparation for His holy will!