January 16, 1781

1781 January 16 (Tuesday).  Am much confined by the rugged, cold, windy season: but through divine Goodness have Health, Fuel and many other Mercys.  D.G.  Settled Accounts with Breck and Comp. and have paid [blank].  A Number of women here to help Sophy quilt.  Miss Mindwell and Anna Brigham all day.  Mrs. Graves and Mrs. Nichols came p.m.  Benjamin Wood rode to Mr. Samuel Allens to carry Six Leggs of Pork to be baconed: and brought home a Piece of woollen Cloth for my wearing, from Capt. Maynards: being [blank] yards.  N.B. This Day Soldiers are invited by the two Captains, to repair to Deacon Woods, that they may enlist into the service.  I have gone through what I chiefly want to read in Vol. 5 of Biographical DictionaryWish so illustrious Examples may profit me!  Miss Polly — Several Women to help Sophy in her Quilting, viz. two sisters Mindwell and Anne Brigham, all Day, and Mrs. Nichols and Mrs. Graves p.m. and Eve.