February 1, 1781

1781 February 1 (Thursday).  Whilst Mrs. P and Mrs. Brigham are gone their Journey I breakfast at Brecks.  Mr. Bowman of Oxford visits me, dines here, and tarrys till near Night.  He acquaints me with the Nephritick State of his Body, and the ungenerous Conduct of his People.  Asks Advice.  He relates somewhat of the sorrowfully great Success of erroneous Murray among his People.  Goes to Capt. Jonas Brigham’s.

February 2, 1781

1781 February 2 (Friday).  A stormy Day — Rainy, and the Snow going off.  Young Frederic Parker here, having been to Hopkinton and bought of Mr. Barrett his Saddle-Baggs full of Books.  Several of which I borrow of him.  Ex. gr. Jameson’s Sum of the Episcopal Controversie: Dr. I. Mathers Angelogr.  But at Evening notwithstanding all the Rain, Mrs. P. returned home; from Springfield last Tuesday; to Brookfield and today from Brookfield.  N.B. Col. Baldwin has not come home.  Isaac keeps School at Long-MeadowBetsy rode with her Grandmother to SpringfieldElias boards at his uncle Brecks still.

February 4, 1781

1781 February 4 (Sunday).  I had designed to preach what I have been preparing on Ps. 20.5, but it proved a very stormy day, and very few at Meeting.  I did therefore again lay those Preparations aside; and I delivered a.m. another Exercise on Ezek. 48.35, last Clause, and p.m. on Rom. 6.1.2.  At Eve Mr. Brigham read the Close of Mr. Flavels Sermon 11 on Rev. 3.20.  N.B. We after Family Exercise read Dr. In. Mathers Disquisition on Angelical Apparitions.

February 6, 1781

1781 February 6 (Tuesday).  At Eve We called in to see old Mrs. Beeman — also Col. Brighams.  Mr. Sol. Miller and his son Jacob came to Work — on the Flax — they diet and lodge here.  I rode up to squire Bakers who tells me again that he will send me a side of Beef.  I viewed Mr. Hazzletons (Barrett) Books.  He lends me Henry on the prophets, and Dr. Guise on the Spirit.  P.M. Wrote to my son Ebenezer at Fish Kill; and sent it per Squire Baker to Elias at Springfield for Conveyance.  Read Dr. Coopers pertinent and beautifull Sermon at the Commencement of the New Constitution of Government.

February 8, 1781

1781 February 8 (Thursday).  Received a Letter from Mr. Thomas Adams with 2 Books, viz. Corn. Agrippa, and Dr. Owen of Spiritual Mindedness.  Mr. Winslow Brigham comes with a sleigh and carrys away Sophy, in order to her going with Col. Brigham and Wife as far as Ashburnham.  I transcribed Mr. P. Whitneys Copy of the late Council’s (Bolton) Result.  It was Training Day, and Town Meeting to raise Men for the Continental Army.  Messrs. Eli Whitney and Daniel Stockwell came in the Names of the Captains, Fisher and Godfry, and of the Moderator to desire me to go and pray with them.  I complyed.  Went and Prayed.  P.M. Several Neighbours here, but particularly Mr. Belknap, who is full of Mr. Adams.  I advised him to make him a Visit.  Mr. Joseph Grout brought me a choice piece of Beef: as did Squire Baker a Number of Pieces (Salted) in a Barrell.  D.G.  Stephen Maynard (who has my Horse to Northborough) carrys Mr. Whitneys Copy of Bolton Councils Result.

February 14, 1781

1781 February 14 (Wednesday).  Mr. P. Whitney and wife made us a Visit in their Sleigh.  Dined.  Tea.  Breck returned from Newtown, from Mr. Josiah Fullers: and Sophy from Ashburnham — informs that Alexander is not well: is Rheumatic.  She brings me a Letter from Mr. Cushing who informs me of the Dismission and silencing of Mr. Cummings of Marlborough in New Hampshire for Immorality.  A sorrowful Providence!  He sends me also a Book containing 14 Sermons by Mr. Thomas Haweis on Evangelical Principles and Practices.

February 15, 1781

1781 February 15 (Thursday).  Mr. John Forbes of Rutland in Vermont here, and gives me an Account of their Exposedness to the Enemy, last summer — Rutland being a Frontier.  He informs me of their Assemblys having voted to erect a College in their state, and have chosen 12 persons to be Trustees — that they have got a Printing Press, and that a Green from New-London is the Printer.  Mr. Moses Brigham here with Mr. James Miller junior.  The latter sells his Place to the former, for which he has a larger Tract in Atworth in New Hampshire.  They are forming Writings.  Benjamin Woods Brother William here and lodges with Ben.  Their Father is come from Sunderland to the Deacons.

February 18, 1781

1781 February 18 (Sunday).  Preached a.m. on 2 Cor. 10.4 in Connexion with last sabbath.  Mrs. Maynard dined here.  P.M. repeated sermon on Luk. 12.5, former part, against Timorousness etc.  The Church stopped on Adams’s Letter — but neither was any Thing acted on, nor was there a Vote to drop it.  It was waved for the present.  The Complaint was of Mrs. Adams’s Delay to prosecute or bring her Cause to any Issue.  Whereupon I proposed to write to her: which was accepted.  Parted with the Blessing.  At Eve Mr. Brigham read again in Mr. Flavel on Rom. 1.18.  Breck and his Family (Josiah Brigham, Mindwell Batheric etc.) being here we sang also.  The Boys, Ben and William go up at Even and lodge at the Deacons.

February 25, 1781

1781 February 25 (Sunday).  A.M. on 2 Cor. 10.4.5.  Mrs. Maynard and Mr. Fish at Dinner.  Remarkable Providences related, especially such as are favourable to America.  P.M. preached on Jude v. 21.  Those words “Keep yourself in the Love of God.”  Omitted p. 1 and 2 and what was repeated was with some Variations.  At Eve Breck and his Family — Mr. B. read again in Mr. Flavels Appendix on Rom. 1.18 — and Sang.

February 26, 1781

1781 February 26 (Monday).  Though Ben Wood has returned from Sunderland, last Saturday Night to his Grandfathers, and sabbath Morning here and till Evening, Yet he then went to his Grandfather and has not come to me Since to take any Care of my Creatures.  John returned at Eve to Coll. Brighams as his present home.  Mr. Nathan Maynard hires my Horse for the p.m. to sled wood.  P.M. Mr. Thaddeus Warrin and Mr. Caleb Harrington killed Two fine Piggs of 9 Months old, and weighed exactly 18 score: that is, one of them 157, the other 203.  The Brighams cut them out, and salted them for me.  I wrote to Mr. Moore; to go by Breck, and gave Breck 76 Dollars in Paper; and 20£ 14/ in two Treasurers Notes.  John Wood goes with Mr. Josiah, to Col. Brighams.  I began Mr. William Smith’s Longinus.

February 27, 1781

1781 February 27 (Tuesday).  Breck to Boston.  I have no Boy this Morning.  I, unhappily, was exercised various ways.  Breck [blot]ed was kind and before he Sat out the Cattle.  Josiah came with another Load of Wood for [blot] drew water for my Cattle and turned them out to drink: Pamela took Care of two young Lambs, the Calf etc.  About 3 p.m. came Ben to my Relief.  At Eve I was sent for to drink Tea at the Shop — I went — for I have not been there from Week to Week.  Muddy Walking has (I fear) caused the Cramp.

February 28, 1781

1781 February 28 (Wednesday).  Though I have endured in the Night grievous Pains, yet (through divine Mercy and Benignity) I am in great Comfort this Morning.  I am reading the excellent Sermons of Mr. Haweis and can’t but earnestly wish I might have the like Spirit in Reading, as he in writing them.  I am also writing to my old Friend Mr. Quincy.  Mr. Solomon Miller and son at the Flax.  May God be praised who has carried us so comfortably through the Winter months!