January 12, 1781

1781 January 12 (Friday).  Mr. Isaac Ruggles brings back the Order I had given him upon Mr. Nathan Maynard Constable; and I gave him another Order upon Mr. Barnabus Newton, Treasurer; for the Same sum, viz. 75£.  Mr. Elijah Force was with him, and to him I offered 50 Dollars, before Witnesses, namely, Mr. Ruggles aforesaid, and Mr. Beriah Ware, who was present, and also Pamela Coolledge.  But he would not take it unless I would give him 4 sh.  I offered to pay him in Rye; But Still he would not take it — unless I would give him a Bushel.  I must give him two Yards of Tow-Cloth.  My Wife interposed and said she would make it for him.  I asked him whether I did ever promise him Tow Cloth?  He Said, No: I did not.  But That would satisfie.  I required to know what in Money, would content him?  He said 70 Dollars.  I was not willing to give him so great a price for one Days work, and would rather give him tow-Cloth, if I knew of what kind.  He said, Such as was strong and fit for a Blacksmiths Trowzers or shirts to work in.  Thus we parted.  Ruggles and Pamela were witnesses of what we said.