November 26, 1778

1778 November 16 (Monday).  On this day was the Town Meeting, to Consider my Support, and by reason of the extraordinariness of the Depression of the Medium of Commerce, and being persuaded that many persons were unknowing to my Circumstances and Some were desirous I would say something to inform them, probably Also if I did not send my mind to them, nor go to the Meeting, would make an Handle of that, and resist, say they did not know that I desired anything, what should they impose it for?  Therefore I sent them a paper (which see) drawn with as much wisdom and Care as I could.  But it had not the Success that might reasonably be expected, except with regard to the Wood, which they provided for handsomely.  But as to sallery, they voted only £300 where every one asks in Lawful Money what they used to in old Tenor.  Batherick was here at evening, and seemed very sorry the Town had done no more.  Parkman Bradshaw came from Brookfield, and informs that his brother Benjamin grows worse.  He lodged here.