November 1, 1778

1778 November 1 (Sunday).  I bless God for the Light and Privileges of another of the blessed Days of the Son of Man.  May I be in the Spirit of the Lord’s Day!  I preached a.m. with some Fervency once more on Ps. 92.7 and beseech God to grant Success!


Mrs. Ruth Godfry with her little Son dined  here.  P.M. I went on in Repeating Sermon on Gal. 3.14, which it is with God alone to render effectual!  May He graciously vouchsafe it!


N.B. The Singers more generally sat today in the Front, and some no. stood up.  Mr. Lemuel Badcock was among them.  We were not so happy as to have any singing in my Family today — not in the Evening.  Mr. Jonas Bradish did not come to me in any part of the Day, notwithstanding all that he said yesterday.  I am sorry he gives no more reason of that conduct.