December 1, 1778

1778 December 1 (Tuesday).  Breck sets up an Iron Stove in his shop.  I preached at Lieut. Levi Warren’s, a third Exercise on Rev. 2.10.  May God be graciously pleased to add His own efficacious Blessing!  N.B. Mr. Daniel Hardy was at Mr. Warren’s before the Exercise began and manifested his Disgust at my sermon on the late Thanksgiving.  He found fault with my saying so much about Singing the praises of God.  I replied that it was the very Business of the Day — the present Truth — that if he was dissatisfied with it, he had need ask himself whether it was not because he himself was out of Tune.  After the Exercises, Mr. Badcock and his Scholars sang a number of good Tunes, in Parts.  We had also a plentiful Table Spread and agreeable Entertainment.

December 2, 1778

1778 December 2 (Wednesday).  Elias sat out early to return to Cambridge and Timothy with him to bring back the mare which he was to ride upon as far as Framingham.  Timothy returns about 2 o’clock, and brings Patty Forbush, one of Mr. Ebenezer Forbush’s Daughters to spin here.  Mr. Daniel Forbes came kindly to inform Mrs. P_____ of a Medicine, which he would send her some of, to cure her Indispositions.

December 5, 1778

1778 December 5 (Saturday).  Mr. Nathaniel Sherman in his journey home, to Mt. Carmel in New Haven called and broke fast here.  I wrote by him to the Widow Pierpoint for my Notes on Job. 19.25 etc.  Rev. Buckminster of Rutland hindered by weather from proceeding on his journey home.  Stopt and tarrys here with us.  Send his horse to Deacon Wood’s.  Mr. Charles Newton begins to bring wood from Ministerial Lot, viz. 5 feet.

December 13, 1778

1778 December 13 (Sunday).  Breck is out of Wood.  Suse herself and the child, her sister Mindwell and Billy Spring came up here to be with us over the Sabbath.  I preached a.m. what I had prepared further on 1 Cor. 15, now on the 2 middle clause, “if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you.”  It was a storm of Rain and difficult getting to Meeting.


Breck, his Family and Brother Josiah dined  here.  P.M. delivered with variations and large additions my Sermon on Ps. 147.19-20.  May a merciful God forgive my Defects and bless what was agreeable to his Will!  N.B. Squire Baker was very kind in coming with his Sleigh, and carrying me and Sophy to meeting, bring us back, both a. and p.m.

December 16, 1778

1778 December 16 (Wednesday).  It being moderate air, I rode in the Sleigh — to see old Mrs. Baker, who has been sick.  I dined there and thence I proceeded to visit Mr. Joseph Grout and family, being out of health; but Mrs. Grout herself is sick of a Fever.  Their son Joseph this day returned home from Warfare, but Mr. Grout is greatly concerned about his son William at Fishskill [sic], and Benjamin is gone a great while after him, and hear nothing.  I prayed with them.  Called at Lieut. Jonathan Grout’s, who is come home, from the Service.  Newton’s man, Thos. Harrington, 2 Load.  6 feet each.

December 23, 1778

1778 December 23 (Wednesday).  Mr. Joseph Harrington goes with his Team for Marblehead, and takes my Pork, Geese and Fowls, to the care of Mr. Elisha Forbes for Marketing.  Am engaged in Sermonizing somewhat, but oh! my leanness.  Breck trades with two swine drovers, and buys two shoats for me, at between 17 and 18 pence the pound.


Hear the sorrowful news of aged, pious Master Minot’s death.  The Righteous are taken away from the Evil to come,[1] but we that remain lose much in losing their Prayers.  The Lord sanctifie this Death to the surviving widow and Son; and to me under the Loss of such a worthy Friend!

[1]Isaiah 57.1:  “The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come.”

December 25, 1778

1778 December 25 (Friday).  It remains exceeding cold.  They breakfast here.  I write by Fisk to Mr. Benjamin Bradshaw, who I hear is worse.  Fisk sets out for Brookfield.  Mr. Nathan Maynard brings a piece of Camblet, 14 yards from Mr. Benjamin Howell of Worcester, for which Mr. Maynard delivered to him from me 20 dollars.  Mr. Hannaniah Parker, late Constable, is here and pays me what Money was behind in the Wood rate, which was about £6.12.  For which I gave him a receipt in full; only it is to be remembered that Messrs. Joseph Grout, Jos. Green and Benjamin Brigham have not brought theirs.  At night Patty Forbush goes home.

December 26, 1778

1778 December 26 (Saturday).  An extraordinary tedious Time.  Cold, blowing, snowing.  How invaluable the Mercies I enjoy.  I am through great goodness, in health, Habitation, Cloths, Food, Fewel: my son and Timothy etc. tend the Fires, the Cattle, get Wood and Water etc.  But how many are at this  time exposed to terrible Hardships, both by land and Sea!  May God extend pity to the miserable poor — to Sailors, to Soldiers, to Teamers abroad and their destitute Families at home!