November 3, 1778

1778 November 3 (Tuesday).  Mr. Bradish came, but gives me no reason to think he is at all sensible of any Guilt or Blame on account of the Neglect of his Duty.  And as to Bounds of the Land which he laid out for me, he says he has been there and the Land being now cleared, the monuments are all gone, and it is impossible to find them.  Mr. Ezra Houghton of Chauxit came with a message from Mr. Mellen to request me to go up there, inasmuch as the Arbitrators on their Affairs were to meet, and he has sent to Mr. Stone likewise.  But I was obliged to deny.  I must be otherwise employed, it is too cold, I have no horse, and know I can’t get one etc. etc.  Mr. Houghton dined here — left me to go to Southborough.  Elias tries to get a horse to go to Cambridge, but in vain.  P.M. I preached at Mr. Tainter’s on Rev. 2.10.  Borrow Mr. Tainter’s Horse for Elias.  Deacon Wood rides home with me.  Mr. Potter has made Elias a coat.