August 31, 1778

1778 August 31 (Monday).  Young Moses Haven, who has entered College this Year; John Honeywood, Son of the late Dr. Honeywood of Leicester, and [blank] Goddard of Sutton, reside there.  The 2 last as Scholars.  Honeywood shews his Genius in Drawing — drew Hon. General Hancock — and Hon. Samuel Adams — while I was present; and presented them to me.


A poor Sick Soldier came in there, and gave us the State of the Armies as late as yesterday Morning and that he was informed there was that day, a Smart Action.  I dined with Mrs. Willard, the Young Scholars, and Miss Peggy Steel, Honeywoods Aunt.  I returned by Deacon Batchelors and Mr. Grosvenors, Grafton — called at Mr. Joseph Grout’s, in my Way home — arrived Safely about 9 o’Clock, and Mrs. P________________ no worse.  Mr. Willards Text were Mat. 8.5 to 10, p.m. Jer. [115?] – 8.  To God be Glory!