August 3, 1778

1778 August 3 (Monday).  Drury Fairbank in a Languishment and going over to Dr. [Scammel?], calls at the Shop.  Mrs. [Jemima Hardy?] was here with Objections against Ruth Buck.  I [advised?] Mrs. Hardy to go to her, and discourse with her.  [illegible] She said she had Seen and spoke with her.  [But to?] little [effect?].  Master Eli Brigham came with Mr. William [May?].  The latter tarrys here.  Sophy is gone to Southborough for weaving.  A Number of the young Men who are going to the War, viz. Jacob Broadus, Gott Maynard and D [an?] Read are here at Evening and I gave them my Advice.