August 6, 1778

1778 August 6 (Thursday).  Fast at Marlborough in order to Settling a Minister.  We were entertained at Mr. Joseph Howe’s.  Mr. Newell Opened the Solemnity with Prayer.  Mr. Stone preached on Rev. 2.5.  A very Pertinent Sermon.  May God grant Success!  Mr. Sumner prayed after it, and began in the Afternoon.  I preached p.m. on Jer. 3.15.  O that God would forgive my Defects and the Iniquities of my holy Things, and grant Audience.  O that I might be my Self Such a Pastor as I have described!  And that Marlborough might have One truely so!  A Committee waited upon us after the public Exercises, with the Thanks of the Church, and to see what further Advice we could give them in their present particular State and Circumstances.  Our united Counsel was, that in so weighty an Affair, they had best be deliberate — for then those who were not fully Satisfyed with the Gentleman which the Generality Seemed to have their Eye upon (that is Mr. Daniel Foster) might by further [Conversation?] with him, be reconciled.  I called at Col. [Winchesters?] on my Returning home.