July 31, 1778

1778 July 31 (Friday).  Fresh Orders (brought by Mr. Daniel Goddard of Shrewsbury on the 29th) for more men — now to go to Rhode-Island, against the British Forces there; but there being Difficultys raising them to Day the Company was called together to try other Methods.  But very little Success.  There is not only a great Backwardness to Going, apprehending that there will be a very hot struggle, and probably much Bloodshed, but the young Men who are fit to go, ask so large additional Bounty, that the Committee of the Town who are entrusted with the Matter, cannot comply with their Demands.


N.B. on the 30th Mr. Hezekiah Maynard was here and dined with us.  He desires to borrow again Mr. Baxter [2d?] Vol. and I lent it him.  He says he will safely return it in a month.