July 26, 1778

1778 July 26 (Sunday).  My Kinsman So uneasy to get to Boston, to his Wife, Mother, etc. that he rode away from us this Morning.  Mr. Joseph Farrar, riding to Lincoln, to his Mothers Funeral called here and tarried Some time.  I met with so much interruption in my preparations that, together with my weakness and Dullness, I could not compleat my Design; and therefore preached those Sermons which I delivered some Years agoe, on Isa. 25.6 a. and p.m. and administered the Lords Supper.  May God gracious pardon and accept!  Mrs. Maynard and Mrs. Rice (Mr. Adonijahs Wife) dined.  Mrs. Keen owned the Covenant.  I was much Spent with the service.  N.B. Breck was so ill in Meeting time that he went out.  I went down to see him after the Exercises.