July 19, 1778

1778 July 19 (Sunday).  Preached at Hopkinton a. and p.m. on 2 Pet. 1.10.  [Illegible] Success depends on the Blessing of God!  I most ardently beg the divine Influence [to Increase?] these weak Essays!  N.B. At the Beginning of the Afternoon Exercise rose a Thunder storm and shower of Rain.  After Exercise Dr. Stimpson and Mrs. Cotton went with me to Mr. Fitch’s.  In returning home, met Mr. Fitch’s.  In returning home, met Mr. Fitch, who had preached here a. and p.m. on Rom. 8.18, “For I reckon,” etc.  N.B. News by an Hand-Bill, that a French Fleet of 16 Men of War, with 12,000 Men, are come to the Capes of Delaware; Monsieur Gerard o’board, as Plenipotentiary from the King of France to the Congress — and that War between G.B. and F. is proclaimed.  Capt. Elderkin, who dined here, had Copy of an Hand-Bill etc. which contained Information thereof.