April 7, 1777

1777 April 7 (Monday).  He gives me the Bishop of St. [Asaphs?] sermon on Luk. 2.14 before the society for Propagating the Gospel Feb. 1[9?], 1773.[1]  He pursues his Journey to Boston.  Capt. Thomas Whipple with him.  By Mr. Bradshaw I sent a Letter to Elias, and to Dr. Langdon his Dr. WitherspoonBreck goes to Lancaster.  I have no body but my Boy, to work for me.  Am forced to be abroad my Self, setting in[torn] many things, as I am able.  My two Daughters g[torn] Tainters, with Mrs. Hawes and her son — [torn] C[torn] Hawes.  May God be gracious and shew them Mercy in this time of Darkness!

[1]Jonathan Shipley, Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, A sermon preached before the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts; at their anniversary meeting in the parish church of St. Mary-le-Bow, on Friday February 19, 1773 (Boston: Thomas and John Fleet, 1773; Evans 13009).  American editions were also published in New York, Philadelphia, Newport RI, and Norwich CT.