April 1, 1777

1777 April 1 (Tuesday).  Breck informs that Mr. Andrews has had a bad Night.  I expected Thomas Snow of Oxford to work for me, but he did not come.  I rode up to Mr. Thomas Whitneys to see his youngest Son that is sick of Fever, Worms etc.  Prayed there and dined with them also.  Went over to Mr. [torn]ph Grouts; Capt. Jonathan Fays — call at each of [torn] but particularly was at Ensign Fays to see Mrs. [torn] (of Chauncytown).  N.B. hear that the Stores at Pickskill (60 miles from New York) on N. River, are destroyed by our own soldiers, by reason of a Man of War going up, and invading them.


N.B. Mr. Grosvenor and his Wife, Mr. Kendal, with Master Hall visited, and dined here — though I Saw nothing of them.


Mr. Tainters House is improved as an Hospital, and a Number of young men are inoculated to day.  May God be pleased in the midst of Wrath to remember Mercy!