April 6, 1777

1777 April 6 (Sunday).  Mr. Bradshaw, who lodged at Squire Whipples last night, came here this morning.  Mr. Benjamin Tainter and his Wife desire prayers for a Number of their Family who are inoculated.  Miss Lydia Hardy recovered from the Small Pox, comes to Meeting and returns Thanks.  Mr. Andrews desires continuation of prayers.


I preached again on Rom. 8.1.  P.M. on 2 Cor. 5.5, which may God bless to us!  A Number of persons dined with us: besides Breck, Suse and Billy Spring, Mr. Spring and his wife, Messrs. Bradshaw, Levi and Elijah Brigham.  At Eve Mr. Spring and his Wife went to Mr. Edm. Brighams.  Mr. Bradshaw lodges here.