June 24, 1776

1776 June 24 (Monday).  Riply goes to Concord, and is going to Plymouth to keep school there.  I write by him to Mr. Moore.  [Mr. Joseph Caryl from Hubbards town and with him Mr. Thomas Pierce and his Lad, with a Team for Rum, dine here.]  [Marginal notation:  N.B. This, between Bracketts, was on the 25th.]  P.M. was Training — they held it very late — when it was passed nine at night, Drum and Fife rattling; the Ground dry and hard made the Sound the greater and it grew very troublesome: I conceived that the Company was dismissed, but that a Number of Idlers and vain Persons were gathered round a Drum and were diverting themselves; I therefore went out and Spoke to them.  They did not so regard as was reasonable for me to expect; but I broke off and turned ‘em away.  Some of them Seemed to dislike it, and the Drum was Struck again — upon which I told ‘em if they did not desist, being it was so late, I would complain to Authority, upon which the Drum Moved off, round the Meeting House — but Seeing that the Principal Body of Men remained, I enquired for Capt. Morse to acquaint him that it was late etc.  Lt. Thomas Bond presented himself and said he had Command, that the Company was not dismissed, and that they were upon Special Bus’ness.  I replyed that if so I did not desire to ‘meddle with their military and necessary Affairs — but prayed their Drums etc. might cease to make such a noise to disturb the Neighbourhood So late at night.  To this there were rough answers from some who moved away as they Spoke; upon which I enquired what their Names were.  Mr. Joseph Harrington came and handsomely made Defence of their tarrying to dispatch their Business, and then they would endeavour to retire.  Upon that I (desiring their troublesome music might be still) returned home.  Mrs. P________ and Several besides, of the Family, were ill through the Night.  I was troubled at so much rugged turbulent Behavior of those whose Morals I was So nearly concerned to watch over.  May God forgive what was amiss in Such a time of Temptation!