July 1, 1776

1776 July 1 (Monday).  I visited at Deacon Woods.  His Son Johns little William Pitt, of about 8, is ill of what is termed the Camp Distemper.  Prayed there.  P.M. The Companys of Militia (having been warned publickly yesterday after the Exercises) met together to gather out a Number of Men to march to New York.  Our Proportion is 28.  Mr. John Ball of Northborough who is employed by the Court in this Affair, is here and acquaints me with Some of the Reasons of the Delaying to send Recruits to Canada.

July 2, 1776

1776 July 2 (Tuesday).  The People are obliged to meet together again to day, men being backward to ‘list, unless besides the general Courts Bounty (which is 3£ and [3?] Dollars) they have given them 30 Dollars by them that hire them.  Nathaniel Chamberlin, though he has often assured me that he would not ‘list till he was forced — yet I was informed he was prevailed upon; and did. Mr. Thomas Adams brings home my Books, and Dr. Fullers Englands Worthys which I bought of him before.  He has brought a Number more which he urges me to Exchange Some of mine for.  He dined with me, and having Shewn me some of his Daughters Compositions (by ways of Essays) he left me, to return to Medfield.

July 3, 1776

1776 July 3 (Wednesday).  Mr. Jonathan How of Grafton came to desire me to go up to Grafton to the Funeral of a Child of his Brother Abner’s — whose Wife also and another Child were very ill.  I went, I prayed.  Mr. Grosvenor was present, but can only whisper.  Went to his House and to Mr. Hutchinsons in my returning home.  Called also at Mr. Joseph Grouts whose Wife has lately been delivered, notwithstanding some peculiar Difficultys.

July 4, 1776

1776 July 4 (Thursday).  I rode up to Mr. Joseph Harringtons to see his Child, and prayed with her.  She has the Dysentery.  In returning went into Deacon Woods (whose wife was lately brought to Bed, and whose Grand Child was still sick).  But thence rode to Southborough.  Dined at Mr. Stones.  P.M. Preached there on Ps. 46.1 and 10.  It was Lecture and Training.  May God grant His own gracious Presence and efficacious Blessing!  I came home by Miss Bulah Bents where I called; also at Mr. William Johnsons and Reuben Bellows’s.

July 5, 1776

1776 July 5 (Friday).  More Men, I hear, are called for, as the former 28 for N.Y.  So now 8 from this place to go to Canada.  Chamberlain is with me to day only by a few Short Spells — mowes a little in the morning, plows about an hour, hoes a little — and Rain beats him off.  Mrs. Wheelock was here and was examined.

July 7, 1776

1776 July 7 (Sunday).  I preached a.m. on Joh. III.36, drawing my Discourses of Faith to a Close, and directing Some serious Things to the Newly ‘listed Soldiers.  P.M. I thought it best to deliver again Some parts of Discourse on Ps. 78, v. 3.6.7.  Baptized 7 Children.  Mr. Joseph Harrington acquaints me his Sister Stow is dead and it is requested by his Brother in Law, that I would go to the Funeral and considering the Great Affliction of the Family, another Child lying sick, and that there has been no preaching, one sabbath after another, they desire that I would Preach at the House of Mourning.

July 8, 1776

1776 July 8 (Monday).  I did so; Mr. Joseph Willard of Mendon prayed before it, and I after it.  My Text was Joh. 18.11.  N.B. Dined at Mr. Grosvenors, and was there after Exercises, as was Mr. Plumb a Young Preacher.  I called at Mr. Hutchinsons who was not at home, and at Capt. Phillips’s.  I returned home at Evening safely.  D.G.  O that I might my Self have  Grace to improve the Word and Providences of God which are so affecting!

July 10, 1776

1776 July 10 (Wednesday).  Mr. Pope left us.  I borrowed Mr. Jonathan Maynards Mare to go to New Braintry.  Sat out after Dinner and got to Leicester.  In my way called at Dr. Crosbys, Mr. Sumners and Mr. Maccartys.  N.B. Highlanders at Worcester Court House.  Lodged at Alexanders.  He has listed indeed; and is preparing for his March, as Eldest Sergeant and Clerk.  He seems inclined and determined to go.  Their Destination is New-York.

July 11, 1776

1776 July 11 (Thursday).  Sat out for Brookfield, but rode 4 miles in the Rain.  Dined with my Daughter Baldwin — then went to Braintree.  In my way called at my Grandson’s Ebenezers who is lately marryed to Miss Sarah Lyscomb, daughter of Capt. John Lyscomb.  Arrived at my Sons So seasonably as to go to Mr. Ruggles’s, and (by Desire) to visit old Mrs. Wilson (who used to live at Hopkinton) and prayed with her.  Lodged at Ebenezers.  N.B. Mr. Bradshaw lame.

July 12, 1776

1776 July 12 (Friday).  Mr. Ruggles visits me.  Ebenezer talks of enlisting but is too Subject to pains to presume to.  He rides with me in my returning to Brookfield to my aged Kinswoman Mrs. Sadler — and as far as Mr. Caruths.  At Brookfield I called again at my Grandsons.  Visit Mr. Appleton at Mr. Gilberts — dined with my Daughter Baldwin.  Visit sister Champney.  Rode to Leicester, and lodged at Alexanders.  Though I can’t but wonder at his going into the Army, yet I can’t help his doing it.  May God most gracious direct and support him!  May his Family also be under the divine Care!

July 13, 1776

1776 July 13 (Saturday).  Returned home — having called at Mr. Maccarty’s (where I saw Mr. Davis of Holden).  At Capt. Curtis’s and Mr. Sumners.  Arrived about 2 p.m. — find Breck here.  He is come from New York; he came on the 10th p.m.  He Saw a Number of the Kings Forces, viz. Great Ships etc.  An Engagement commenced on Staten Island.  Tis said that General Putnams Party prevailed.  Am told that Nathaniel Chamberlain is Sick.  At Evening Mr. Fitch of Hopkinton came here to ‘Change with me.  His Horse is turned (by Order) into Squire Bakers Pasture.

July 14, 1776

1776 July 14 (Sunday).  Early (having the widow Hills Horse), I rode to Hopkinton.  Preached a.m. on Exod. 33.15.  P.M. on Luk. 12.19.20.  May the Lord Himself add His Blessing.  After Meeting visit Dr. Wilson who is very ill.  Seems partly delirious.  Prayed with him.  Fear he will not continue.  I went into Mr. Barretts, his uncle, the Deacon, and his Wife being there.  Lodged at Mr. Fitch’s.  He returned home.  At Westborough he preached on 2 Pet.

July 17, 1776

1776 July 17 (Wednesday).  My Perplexitys continue as to our Creatures Breechiness.  I visit at Mr. Ebenezer Forbush’s, his Daughters Betty and Patty being Sick of the Throat Distemper.  Instructed, and prayed with them.  P.M. received a large Letter of the 7th instant from my Friend Edmund Quincy Esq. at Lancaster.  His Letters are extremely grateful to me, but fill me with Shame that my part of the Correspondence is so very unequal.  May God grant his eminent Talents may be continued and made usefull!  I read the Surprizing yet real Adventures of Monsieur Pierre Viaud.

July 20, 1776

1776 July 20 (Saturday).  Reckoned with Nathaniel Chamberlain.  I find he has worked for me 61 Days.  What he asks is five Dollars per Month.  This, together with 21/ old Tenor on the Old score of his Cutting wood for me at the Ministerial Lot, I paid him, in full.  P.M. Elias came home from Mill-River.  Major Wheelock came to me with his Wifes Relation, but it needed Alteration — wherefore he desired the Affair of her Dismission [sic] might be deferred to another sabbath.

July 21, 1776

1776 July 21 (Sunday).  I preached a. and p.m. on Exod. 33.15, with Additions and Alterations.  N.B. p.m. Major Wheelock and Lieutenant Godfry ask Publick Prayers in their own Name and of the rest of the soldiers going to N. York.  They Sat together.  I directed an Address to them in the latter part of my p.m. sermon.  To receive they rose from their seats.  N.B. At the Request of Capt. Morse and Lt. Townsend I read (after reading the proclamation for a Fast) Resolve of Court for raising more men, who are to go to Canada: and warned the People to meet tomorrow at 3 p.m.  May God graciously accept what has been this day attempted!  Especially with respect to the soldiers!

July 22, 1776

1776 July 22 (Monday).  The people met together to raise recruits for Canada.  And those who have ‘listed for New York begin their March.  Mrs. Cotton accompanyed with one Mr. Stimpson visits us.  Sophy goes to Concord, and Elias goes with her; that Samuel may go to Portsmouth to look after his Goods, taken away violently, by Several Jones’s, as its Said, and retaken and carryed into the abovesaid Port.

July 23, 1776

1776 July 23 (Tuesday).  Six Persons (our Quota) enlist, upon the Encouragement given by the Town in Addition to the provincial Bounty.  Among the rest, to my regretting, my Neighbour Caleb Harrington: who must leave home with Difficulty, because of his Wife’s Circumstances.  Mrs. Cotton and Mr. Stimpson dine here; and p.m. leave us.  Elias returns from Concord, but is so indisposed that he can’t return to Mr. Frosts.  A.M. I visited Richard Temple who is ill of a Fever at Mr. Newtons; and prayed with him.  Towards Eve I rode down to Capt. Edmund Brigham, who Still lies under his Lameness.

July 25, 1776

1776 July 25 (Thursday).  A Number of kind Friends came and reaped for me at the Island Field, viz. Deacon Wood, Mr. Edwards Whipple (and his Son John a part of the forenoon), Messrs. Nathan Maynard, Thaddeus Warrin, Benjamin Tainter, Francis Whipple by a Proxy which was received but Especially Joseph Baker Esq. with 3 more hands — these dined here as did Mr. Barnabas Newton; and he with Squire and all his 3 Hands; also Thaddeus Warrin (at Deacon Woods Cost) assisted in further Reaping, taking up: and brought home a Load.  A Singular Favour in divine Providence.  May God bountifully reward them!

July 26, 1776

1776 July 26 (Friday).  Breck helps me in several Things relative to the Island Field.  He with Jimmy reaps the rest.  I help in gathering.  Breck binds, and carts home.  N.B. Six men more Sent for to go to Dorchester to keep Garrison instead of a Number going from thence to Canada.  The Town meet — and They soon succeed in raising the Supply.  My son Breck seems inclined to list.  However they have enough without him.  May God graciously influence his Mind and Heart in all!

July 27, 1776

1776 July 27 (Saturday).  I rode over to Mr. John Chamberlain to hire him to come to work for me, and he consents.  Mr. Moses Nurse mowed for me a.m., at the Island-Brook: and afternoon I worked in Raking etc.  N.B. I had prepared as much of a Sermon as was sufficient for one Exercise.  But urgent Necessity now compelled me.  Mrs. Wheelock with me before Night.

July 28, 1776

1776 July 28 (Sunday).  Preached a.m. on the subject which I have been long upon, viz. Faith; our Justification and eternal salvation thereby.  I was now in the closing up of the whole, the motive, and Inducements to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.  This part was begun from Joh. 3.36 but today finished on Mat. 25.46 from p. 87.  Mrs. Maynard and Mrs. Hannah Rice, widow of the late Mr. Noah Rice of Sutton, dined with us.  P.M. I preached on Isa. 63.8, repeating what I delivered formerly from that Text, to p. 8.  I admitted Mrs. Wheelock — and appointed the Communion.

July 29, 1776

1776 July 29 (Monday).  Mr. John Chamberlain and his son Phinehas came to reap, but it was So rainy a Season that they went home again.  Old Mr. Seth Morse came and hoed in north Field p.m.  I visited Richard Temple, who is become very Sick and low: conversed and prayed with him.  N.B. Mrs. Rebecca Spring and her Billy leave us to go to her Husband in New York; and her Peggy is left at Deacon Woods.