June 5, 1776

1776 June 5 (Wednesday).  An Ecclesiastical Council was formed at the House of Mr. Samuel Whittemores consisting of Six Churches with their Elders and Delegates, viz. of Westborough, 2d and 3d in Brookfield, and the 2d, 3d, 4th and 5th of Gloucester, except Rev. Ebenezer Cleavland pastor of the last, who is Supposed to be at N. York.  Parkman Moderator, and Rev. Obadiah Parsons Scribe.  The Church which sent for us, by Desire, came in.  No Objection.  Mr. Forbes was admitted a Member: and the Church renewed their Request to have him inaugurated or installed their Pastor.  Adjourned to the Meeting House.  The Solemnity was Opened by an Anthem and Mr. Ward prayed.  Parkman preached on Heb. 13.17.  After which proclamation was made that if any had Objection etc.  The Choice and Acceptance renewed.  Mr. Fisk prayed before the Charge, which Mr. Rogers gave.  Mr. Fuller gave the Right Hand and Mr. Parsons prayed after it.  A Psalm was sung.  Mr. F. gave the Blessing — and an Anthem concluded.  All was performed without the least Interruption, notwithstanding there were several Companys of Soldiers at the Harbour.  Nor any Murry there, nor his Followers.  At Eve at Coll. Jonathan Stevens’s.  N.B. At Mr. Forbes’s, when we returned, the Company of Singers performed with much Decency and Agreeableness.