June 12, 1776

1776 June 12 (Wednesday).  Sat out before Breakfast (though not without Family Prayer) and came to My Son Williams.  Both breakfast and dine there.  N.B. my son William droops.  Ebenezer and William take a ride into the Town, and return Seasonably for Dinner and the remainder of our long Journey.  Through the Great Goodness of God arrived in considerable Comfort, and found my Family in a measure of safety and Joy.  All Thanks and Praise!  But Mrs. P________ informs me that Elias, the Day after the Election, having mounted a young Horse which he rode here, in order to ride back to Mill-River, the Horse reared up, threw Elias off, and as it is said the Horse fell upon him, and his Head meeting with sharp stone; cut a great Gash in it, from whence the Blood issued plentifully — but his Life and senses were preserved.  Dr. Hawes dressed it, and by the Blessing of God it is in an hopeful Way.  She informs me also that my Son Moore was here and preached the first sabbath of my Absence, and my Son Cushing, with Sally and son John were here during the Election Time for several Days — that the Election Day was a Day of Training the 2 Companys of Soldiers — that her Brother and Sister Breck have been here on June 5 and lodged — and when they left our House, it was to go to Mr. Whitneys at Brookline, Connecticut.  That Alexander came also.  That there was a great Frost the morning of June 1 etc. etc.