March 26, 1776

1776 March 26 (Tuesday).  My Son Samuel goes to Boston again.  Agreed further with Nat Chamberlin, that on Consideration of his going home on Saturday Nights and tarrying at home over the sabbath, and that his wife will wash and mend for him, I shall allow him 13/4 more than the 11£ which I before engaged to him for 6 Months — and that he must begin next Monday Morning.  I visited Mrs. Amsden, [blot?] and prayed with her.  I dined there (at Capt. Maynards).  Went also to see old Mrs. Kelley.  As I returned home, was at Mr. Ebenezer Maynards who was not there, but Jonathan and his wife inform me that their Father, they expected to bring home his new-marryed wife, this afternoon.  Mr. Leonard returns to Woodstock, but did only call here, I not being at home, and he in Company.