Mach 20, 1776

1776 March 20 (Wednesday).  Notwithstanding the badness of the Roads I rode over (on Mr. Nurse’s Horse) to Northborough Lecture.  Called at Mr. John Maynards and paid him (old Tenor) 5£ 5/ for making 4 pair of Shooes; and 25/ upon Account of what work he did for us heretofore.  Dined at Mr. Whitneys, and preached on Rev. 14.6.7.  In returning home I met Mr. Beeton, who came up from Boston and brought home my Son Samuels Mare with a Letter to Sally — informing that at the Regulars leaving the town (Boston) Lieut. Robinson who lodged at Mr. Shaws, has, like a Villain, carryed off 3-4ths of his Shop Goods.  My Son is obliged to stay there to look after his Interest, at this extraordinary juncture.  At night, about 9 o’Clock an extraordinary Light, as of a great Burning, appears in the East.  We are full of Fears what it may be.  But we hope in the Goodness of God.