March 19, 1776

1776 March 19 (Tuesday).  My Son Samuel early this Morning Sat out for Boston.  I impatiently wait for further Confirmation of the News from thence.  P.M. Mr. Philips (from Grafton) brought a Letter from Breck, dated the 11th instant to his Brother Samuel informing that he had been to Philadelphia, and was hastening as he could, his Return home; though obliged to tarry a while till he could convey Goods he had purchased, to Norwich.  Deacon Livermore of Northborough came in and would know of me (I understood him as bearing a Message from Mr. Whitney) whether I should attend the Lecture there tomorrow?  I told him that by leave of Providence I would.  At Eve Miss Eunice Fish and another young Lady (a Baldwin) were here. Agreed with Nathaniel Chamberlin to live with me six Months to do my Work on the Place for 11£ to begin the First of April next; but has Liberty to lodge at Mr. Moses Nurse’s, where his Wife and Children are: agreed that he must attend my Bus’ness in fowl weather as well as fair, and that he be here in the Evening if I want a small Chore to be done.  N.B. Mr. Abraham Bond shews Resentment because I made Enquiries into the Report of his Drinking: upon which I admonished and warned him.