March 4, 1776

1776 March 4 (Monday).  I visited Abel Woods, who was wounded by the Kings Forces 11 weeks agoe, and is still languishing under the sore.  A little iron Ball of one pound went through him just below the Ossaerum, came out at his Groin, and dropped down within his Trowzers.  Some small scaling of the Bone had come away — He has So much F[illegible]r that he is not out of Danger.  Discoursed and prayed with him.  P.M. Town Meeting.  Mr. B. Tainter and Lt. Thomas [Barns?] came to me in the Name of the Town, desiring me to go to the Meeting House and Pray with them.  Which I complyed with.  N.B. Divers persons heard many Guns firing last night as if there were some Attempt from [illegible] upon Boston.