July 23, 1775

1775 July 23 (Sunday).  I preached a. and P.M. on Isa. 63.8.  P.M. baptized Mary Daughter of John and Hannah [Clemens?]: held up by Mr. Nathan[iel?] Pike, the Father being in the Army: and Elijah, Son of Seth and [blank] Gashet; and also read a Paper directed to me, signed by Mr. Fitch, appointing a Lecture at the Widow Pierce’s, with design to have her Daughter admitted  into the Church.  I returned home after the Exercises, but to my Sorrow found that my dear John had bled a good deal about Midnight (or this Morning rather) and to a greater Degree than that lately and thus he did this Evening.  May the Lord support him and prepare him for his holy will!  Mr. Stone preached a.m. on 1 Cor. [9?].26, P.M. on Jud. 22.22.  He returned home.