July 18, 1775

1775 July 18 (Tuesday).  Hannah So bad in the last Night that at about 2 (in the Morn) Elias went for the Doctor — who came.  Hannah but very poorly.  Mr. Russell carrys his Wife to Watertown.  We hear Mr. Moses Nurse has met with a sad Disaster at Malden, fell from his Waggon, and One of the Wheels went over his Body.  And that a Number of our Soldiers are sick.  Mr. Edmund Rice is extreme bad.  At Evening I was desired to go to [illegible] Gale’s Tavern, where he lay.  But I was So very much indisposed, that I could not cease long from going to the little House — And besides this I had no Horse.  Rev. Hall of Sutton returning from the Army called here, and I prevailed with him to pray with us under our Afflictions: which may God graciously hear and Answer!