July 13, 1775

1775 July 13 (Thursday).  Rose early, and having prayed with Such as could attend, I sat out soon after 4 o’Clock in the Morning.  Rode a good part of the way to Mr. Paysons before sunrise — to Justice Adams — breakfast at Mr. Thomas Adams’ — borrow of him Burton on Melancholy, and The View of human Nature in Select Historys.  Called to See Mr. Jonathan Townsend — Mr. Adams and Lady, of Roxbury, at his Brother Enochs — at Mr. Ezek Marsh’s, Mr. Prentice’s at Holliston.  Missed my Way (and therewith Dinner) in Hopkinton.  Went to See Dr. Bond at [torn] who refreshed me and my Horse.  Went in to Capt. Thomas Mellen torn] — [illegible] oated at Mr. Fitch’s — at Mr. Barretts — arrived at home before sun-setting.  Mr. Penuel Bowen[1] was here to see me; but returned home to Southborough.

[1]Penuel Bowen (1742-1788), Harvard 1762, second minister of the New South Church, Boston, 1766-1772; later removed to South Carolina and became an Episcopalian.