July 12, 1775

[1775 July 12 (Wednesday)]

[torn]ted with Mr. Thomas Adams, and Saw his Daughter Han

[torn] is remarkable for her Memory and progress in her

[torn] Latin.  I went on to Mr. Paysons at Walpole

[torn]ating a Fourth Son at College.)  I arrived at

[torn]n’s Mr. Samuel Bradshaws Stoughtonham, to mourn with

[torn] Loss of their Father.  My sister in Law (my

[torn]) and my late Kinsman Nathaniels Widow

[torn]ouse of Mr. Rhodes, where my Brother dy’d.

[torn] at my Cousen Bradshaws.  N.B. Their Daughter

Sarah is Still in very infirm and pain [torn]

At Eve (after a very wonderfull Appearance of [torn]

Blessing of Rain) I went back to the two [torn]

Appartments at Mr. Rhoads, where I found my [torn]

Parkman (Son of Nathaniel) who is a seafaring man [torn]

to sea again.  He was now come from Cambridge, and [relates?]

that our provincial Soldiers have been to Nelsons Island, drove off Cattle, burnt Stacks of Hay — etc.  I lodged at that House.  Hear that my Cousen Bowland, his Wife and Children are about 3 miles off.  By information I find that my Brother arrived at Mr. [torn] in Stoughtonham, May 12.  He removed to Mr. [torn] the 16: that on the 26 he was taken ill; and on June [torn] was interred on the 29 in his 90th year, hav[torn] 19 (Old Stile) 1685).