September 19, 1774

1774 September 19 (Monday).  Elias not well a.m., goes to School p.m.  Mr. Bradshaw and his Wife left us in the Morning to return to N. Braintree.  Rev. Joseph Willard of Mendon visits me. Dines here. Desires me to Change with him Oct. 2.  I consent (D.V.).  A Letter from my son Cushing, giving account of a gathering of people to the Tavern in Ashburnham and causing great Trouble to several worthy persons, viz. Squire Wilder and Deacon Willard; also to another Willard; Mr. C________ himself but narrowly escaping.  Young Mr. Hutchinson, come from Bedford, informs that last Eve and this Morning there was gathering of people from Several Towns to Watertown, here they expected a Body of Regulars would come to carry off the Great Guns which had been moved there from Charlestown — but the Regulars which were in motion did not go to Waterton but to Dorchester neck, to entrench that important place.