September 1, 1774

1774 September 1 (Thursday).  This is the important Day of the Congress at Philadelphia.  On this Occasion the people of Southborough keep a Fast.  I went to assist them.  Mr. Stone began with prayer.  Mr. Fitch preach[ed?] on Ps. 85.4,5,6,7.  P.M. Mr. Fitch prayed and I preached on Ezek. 5.5-9.  May God graciously accept our Supplications and grant His Special Presence with His Servants, the Delegates from the several Governments, and Vouchsafe ‘em Direction and Instruction according to the weight and importance of the Arduous Affairs depending!  Proportionable Wisdom and understanding are from Him alone. N.B. Met Capt. Ward returning from the Meeting of the County’s Committees, who met at Wor’ster on the 30th ult. who have drawn up Resolves that are to be printed. Mr. Edmund Chamberlin has Some discussion with me about a story, which Mr. Clois told his Father concerning Mr. Bridge’s defending his not signing from my advising him to stand out etc. — but which was very groundless.  Mrs. Beeton carrys her Mother, who grows feeble and weak, home to their House.