October 1, 1774

1774 October 1 (Saturday).  Lieutenant Baker informs me that the Governor has by Proclamation forbid the meeting of the (appointed) General Assembly.  Mr. Moses Nurse has informed me of what he himself saw done at Mr. Joseph Scotts on the Twin Dock, Boston, that is, the breaking the Lock of Scotts Cellar Door, by men from the ships, and carrying off Cohorns and Iron Balls, or shott — which tis said Scott has Secretly Sold to the Officers, for which the People are highly enrag’d.  P.M. I rode to Mendon.  On my Way, called at Rev. Mr. Fish’s.  My Disgust with him was not sufficient to prevent this.  Met Mr. Willard going to preach for me at Westborough.  I lodged at Mr. Willards.

October 3, 1774

1774 October 3 (Monday).  Sat out early for Boston.  Journeyed to Dr. Corbetts at Bellingham.  Took Some Refreshment there — and thence to Mr. Bucknams at Medway.  Proceed to Squire Elisha Adams, where was Squire Lyscombe of Taunton.  Dined with them.  At Medfield, Mr. Enoch Adams’s.  At Dedham, put up at Rev. Jason Haven’s: who went with me to Honorable Mr. Samuel Dexters.  Lodged at Mr. Havens.

October 4, 1774

1774 October 4 (Tuesday).  Mr. Haven has three Candidates that board with him.  From Dedham to Mr. Gordons at Roxbury.  He presented me with above forty Books — a Number of them bound, and a Number in boards, printed by the Society for promoting Religious Knowledge.  Mr. Gordon is one of them.  He goes to an Overseers meeting at Cambridge to receive Dr. Langdons Answer to their Invitation to be President.  In my going into Boston I behold the formidable Trenches, the Banks raised up, the Encampment of the Soldiers, both on the Neck and in the Common.  N.B. I called at Mr. Thomas Baileys, who buryed his Wife (my dear Kinswoman) last Evening.  She dyed last Thursday at 4 p.m. May the Lord sanctifie this Breach to us!  My Dear Brother is utterly incapable of due Impressions, or Sensibility of the Death of his dear Child.  I dined at my Son Samuels.  I made a Number of Visits to hire Money for the Relief of my Son Alexander.  Mrs. Surcomb etc.

October 5, 1774

1774 October 5 (Wednesday).  Having lodged at my Sons Samuels I went to Mr. Ezekiel Godthwaits, William B. Townshend, Col. Marshall and others.  Dined at my Brothers.  He was able to sit with us at Table.  Where were also Cousen Bradshaw, and Cousen Nat’s Widow.  Visit Oliver, Coverley, Sister Rebecca, Cousen Tyler, Bradford, Loyd, Coarser — also Dr. Pemberton, Chauncy, Cooper, Eliot, Mr. Quincy — Whitwell, Mrs. Shaw.  Samuel accompanyed me to Fort Hill to see the Camp of the Welch Fusileers.  Lodged at Samuels.

October 6, 1774

1774 October 6 (Thursday).  My son hired 100 Dollars of Mr. McKey, for which I gave him my Note.  Undertook my Journey home. Cornet Eaton of Framingham in Company.  Called at Brother Browns (he is overwhelmed with Bargains and Labours and cannot help Alexander).  When I arrived at home (through God’s Goodness) found Mr. Forbes and his wife here, who are designing to go to Cape Ann, after the next sabbath.

October 8, 1774

1774 October 8 (Saturday).  Alexander rode with me to Mr. Conklins, that I might See what Security my Son had given Mr. Southgate.  We went also to Capt. Henshaws, who Shewed me the Remonstrance of the Congress of the County of Worcester to Governor Gage against the hostile Preparations on Boston Neck.  I dined with Mr. Pope of Spencer at Dr. Frinks.  Rode to Brookfield.  Called to see Capt. Wit.  Went to my Son Baldwins, where was a young school-master, Mr. Fisher Ames.  Lodged at Mr. Forbes’s.

October 9, 1774

1774 October 9 (Sunday).  Preached at Brookfield on Judg. a. and p.m. on the present deplorable Times.  And may God forgive what has been amiss, but succeed what has been delivered agreeable to His Will!  N.B. Joshua Winter desired prayers that the late Death of his Mother.  I returned to Mr. Baldwins at Eve and lodged. N.B. Mr. Forbes preached at Westborough on Mat. 23.37, “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem.”

October 10, 1774

1774 October 10 (Monday).  My Son Baldwin rode to Concord to join with the other Members of the Provincial Congress.  I rode to New Braintry — Mr. John Lambson my Company.  Called to see my Cousen Sadler, who lives at his Daughter Matthis’s.  N.B. a Child of one Gilchrist of two years old, their only Son, was Scalld yesterday Morning and dyed at Evening.  Prayed with them. Went to my Son Ebenezers. Dined and p.m. Visit Mr. Ruggles. Rev. Benjamin Ruggles was ordained at Middleborough, Oct. 17, 1725, old Style.  At Eve Mr. Ephraim Woods, late of Southborough, kindly came to see me.  Mr. Bradshaw and his Wife live with my Son. They keep shop in Comp. I lodged there.

October 11, 1774

1774 October 11 (Tuesday).  After Mr. Ruggles had broke fast with us at my Sons, I returned to Brookfield.  Rode to Mr. Daniel Gilberts and dined there.  Viewed his Mulberry Trees and Silk worms, Coons etc.  Visited Several Friends — particularly Mr. Joseph Bruce.  Find that Mr. Joseph Chadwick is chosen Captain of their Troop.  Saw a foot Company under the Command of Capt. Joseph Gilbert. At Eve the friendly Capt. Hale came to See me.  Lodged at Capt. Baldwins.

October 12, 1774

1774 October 12 (Wednesday).  Took leave. At the earnest request of old Mr. Thomas Bartlett, I turned aside to visit him.  Dined at Col. Henshaws.  Comforted Alexander with informing him that I had hired and received money for him.  Called at Mr. Maccartys, at Mrs. Stearns’s, at Mr. Sumners.  Arrived in safety.  Deo Grates plurimas ago.  The Family that are here, are in some Comfort, but my Son Breck has waited on his Mother in her designed Journey to Ashburnham and is returned home.  Asa is lame, but husks in the Barn.

October 15, 1774

1774 October 15 (Saturday).  I was forced to go up into the Street in the Morning, on a variety of necessary Affairs: Saw Capt. King and Mr. Edward Putnam of Sutton who were come from the Provincial Congress which Sat at Concord last Wednesday.  Capt. Maynard and Dr. Hawes went for this Town.  I am informed that they have Sent a Committee of 21 of their members with a message to General Gage.  P.M. Mr. Hutchinson (late of Grafton) dined here, in his way to Carlisle.

October 16, 1774

1774 October 16 (Sunday).  Read Haggai first, and preached from Exod. 16.21 but pursued my plan of Discourse on Ps. 110.3.  Was fervent. May God forgive what was amiss; and bless what was agreeable to His Will!  Mrs. Maynard dined with us. P.M. read Tit. 2.  Preached again another sermon of a formerly delivered Sett from Isa. 55.1, for the Encouragement of all Such as are under religious Concern.  The Lord Succeed it to that End!

October 17, 1774

1774 October 17 (Monday).  The widow Mehitabel Brigham here to talk with me, She having been told I had heard that She did not allow her Children to be corrected at School.  And I told her That I had certainly heard so, and for some years it has been said so. But she answered that That was neither her mind nor practice.  At Eve the School-Masters Waters and May here.  Wrote to Mr. Moore, and Send it to the Care of Capt. Ebenezer White of Rochester.

October 18, 1774

1774 October 18 (Tuesday).  Went to Ministers Meeting at Marlborough.  Mr. Smith prayed.  Conversation on the publick, increasing Distresses prevented the Concio: but Sang the praises of God: Hymn 66.  I returned at Evening in Safety. D.G. N.B. On the road at Eve, Saw Mr. Walker at Southborough, who gave me Account of what he met with at the Fortification at Boston — his Complaint — the Court martial, at which was the Trial of the Offenders; and the satisfaction given him.

October 19, 1774

1774 October 19 (Wednesday).  Mr. Daniel Grosvenor was Ordained at Grafton: but as our Church was not Sent to, I did not go, conceiving that by this their Conduct, they did not desire to see me there.  I spent the Day in Retirement. Not only on my own and their Account but that of the Publick; the Province, and particularly Boston’s.  Breck and Elias went.  At Evening came Mr. Nehemiah Porter, heretofore Minister at Chebacco; and Mr. Avery of Dedham, Candidate; and they lodged here.

October 22, 1774

1774 October 22 (Saturday).  In the Morning we found the west Window of the lower West room set up, wide open: Brecks Desk open — the little front door open, with Signs of violence breaking it open; the little Lock is broke off: 3 front Drawers, drawn open, but nothing that We know of as yet, is missing; though the Cup-board where Stood my Silver Cup, and in it a Number of table spoons, Silver; also in another Cup a number of Tea Spoons, Silver; was wide open.  It was doubtless a Thief, who wanted money, who entered the House: for no one of my Family knows any thing of the Matter, and the window was, no doubt fastened as usual; but a middle Square of Glass in the lower Sash was taken out, and laid away carefully; from the hole with ones Arm the Stick which fastens down the Window could be reached, and was taken away.  God be praised no further Dammage was done: and May God grant Repentance to the Burglar! My Son John came last night from Oxford, but intends to go to Lancaster again.

October 25, 1774

1774 October 25 (Tuesday).  Mr. David Maynard rode with me to Mr. Gershom Fays in  Northborough.  As we went, called at Mrs. Martyns, Mr. Whitneys, who requested my going to preach, and had publickly appointed the Assembly, and himself went; I called also to see old Mr. Townsend.  We dined at Mr. Fays; Mr. Whitney and his sister, Miss Lucy, with us.  I conversed with Old Mrs. Fay, for whose sake I went; She is thought to be upwards of 90, and has her Reason and understanding — but is deprived of bodily Sight.  I preached on Ps. 31.5 and directed more particularly to her. May God be pleased to accompany the Word with His Blessing to her, to each of us, to all that heard it.  Returned at Eve. N.B. Received a Packit from Mr. Quincy, inclosing a large letter on our political State, and Distresses; and a Pamphlet entitled “an Address to protestant Dissenters of all Denominations on the Approching Election of Members of Parliament,” Supposed to be writ by Dr. Priestley.

October 27, 1774

1774 October 27 (Thursday).  Visit at Mr. Abraham Bonds: where was Miss Hephzibah Ward (Daughter of Lt. Hezekiah Ward) who is not well in Body, but especially is very gloomy in Mind — discoursed and prayed with her.  Visit also at Mr. Richard Barns’s.  N.B. was at Mr. Timothy Warrins — but neither he nor Wife, nor son Timothy at home, but Timothy’s wife and Brother and sister.  At Mr. Samuel Forbush’s — talked with his Mother who has a Cancer in her left side.

October 29, 1774

1774 October 29 (Saturday).  Mr. Avery called and dined here.  P.M. came Alexander from Framingham whither he had been for Money: but received only from his Brother Gleason.  I delivered to him


One hundred Dollars which I hired for him at Boston 225.0.0


almost 24 Dollars received last night from Lt. Baker, viz. 53.0.0


and 3 Dollars received from Mr. William Watson — and he

had received 30 old Tenor 36.15.0


This with the money I received for my Horse, delivered already 110.  .


in the whole 424.15.0


Alexander returned home at Eve.  Letter from Mrs. P________ at Ashburnham.

October 30, 1774

1774 October 30 (Sunday).  Read Zech. 1.  Preached on Judg.  Suse Brigham dined here.  N.B. A Number of Gentlemen from the provincial-Congress, viz. Capt. King, Mr. Edward Putnam etc. at meeting with us a.m., not p.m. and therefore did not Stay to dine with me.  P.M. I read Rev. XIII to 10th v. and my Sermon was the Opening and application of it.  At Eve came my Son Baldwin, who was returning from the Congress; and lodged here.  N.B. Letter from Mr. Cushing.  My Daughter is yet about.

October 31, 1774

1774 October 31 (Monday).  Son Baldwin returns home.  Mr. Walley, afterwards Mr. Fish (they had changed yesterday), called here, and met together about noon; but neither of them stayed to dine here.  P.M. Training of Alarm men at Lt. Bakers, their present Captain.  At Eve 3 young Schollars sup here with Elias, viz. Crosby, Jonathan Fay and Moses Brigham.