August 1, 1774

1774 August 1 (Monday).  The Town Met again on the Affair of Subscribing the Agreement.  I am informed that my Son Breck found it necessary to subscribe.  The people also contribute to the bearing of the Charge of the Congress.  I sent my Quota thereto.  I went to the Meeting House with a paper fit to be subscribed and read it to a Number of persons; but the Town were busy and did not call for it.  See the [12th?] Day. Martin Piper, a Lad in his 12th Year, was thrown by a Colt, and his Head came down on a Rock, nigh Mr. Newtons.  He was carryed in there. It was feared to be a mortal Blow. Mr. Newton came in haste for me. I went.  He was delirious. Dr. Hawes soon blooded him. He bled well. Vomited Several Times — inclined to sleep; when any thing was given him, he cryed out bitterly, but could not speak.  I prayed with him. What a Warning! Especially to Youth! But how great the Mercy he was not killed! His parents much distressed.

August 2, 1774

1774 August 2 (Tuesday).  Preached at Capt. Benjamin Fays — on Act.17.30.  “The Times of Ignorance God winked at — now Commands etc. to repent.”  Few attend — only 2 or 3 men. Call at Lt. Bakers to see young Piper. He is no better.  Prayed with him. Brecks Mare unfortunately wounded in the near Eye by James Bellows.  

August 4, 1774

1774 August 4 (Thursday).  Went to old Mr. William Nurse’s, and son Daniels (who had brought up Sugar from Boston for me) and at Mr. Eleazar Pratts.  Called also to See Calvin who is but little better.  He has not Spoke yet. N.B. Instead of the Agreement which the people have signed, I have drawn up what I think may be more Safe for me, if I shall be obliged to Sign any thing.  At Eve my Kinsman B. Bradshaw of New Braintree, came from Boston and lodges here.  I am much exercised with sore Eyes.  

August 6, 1774

1774 August 6 (Saturday).  Went to Lt. Bakers in the morning.  Dr. Charles Russell, Dr. Flynt, Dr. Hawes, and a Number of Doctors besides being there on the Case of the poor Boy, Calvin Piper — (who last Evening began to recover his senses and to Speak — and is this morning composed and utters himself pertinently).  It was feared the Trepan must be used: but it was first determined to take off part of his scalp and examine his Head. We began with prayer.  Dr. Russel performed the Operation, and finding the grumous Blood, and that there was no Fracture, desisted from any thing further.

August 8, 1774

1774 August 8 (Monday).  Elias returns to his Books at Mr. Goddards.  I visited Calvin Piper, Old Mrs. Grout and prayed with her, and her Grandson Joseph and prayed with him.  N.B. dined at Mr. Jonathan Grouts. P.M. The Town met again upon some of their Liberty Affairs.  My son Forbes and Sister Champney came and lodge.  Dr. Crosby here at Evening.

August 10, 1774

1774 August 10 (Wednesday).  We rode into the Town. My Daughter Lydia went also.  Visit Master Minot. Old Mr. Hartshorn there. Dined at the Doctors.  Mrs. Martyn was there also. P.M. Visit Mr. Emmerson.  His Mother Bliss in a low State.  Visit Thomas Whitney Esquire who is under a Dropsie.  Prayed with him. Returned to my Sons and lodged there.

August 12, 1774

1774 August 12 (Friday).  Mr. Putnam of Pomfret and his Sister Bethiah dined here.  N.B. He gave me a further account of Mr. Darius Parkhurst of Pomfret (whom I saw at Mr. Adams’s at Roxbury last May) and his accomplishments though deprived of Sight and hearing about 11 AEts.  Is now about 34. You must write in his hand, with your or his finger, to convey your meaning.  Blessed be God for my sight and hearing! May I have grace to improve them! Have received the News Paper, Edes and Gill, which informs that May 20th last, the King gave his Consent to the Acts of Parliament which take away our principal civil privileges, viz. an act for better regulating the Government of the Province of Massachusetts Bay and New England.  And an Act for impartial Administration of Justice therein. May God Sanctifie to us this heavy stroke! and help us rightly to improve such privilege and Libertys as remain!

August 15, 1774

1774 August 15 (Monday).  Elias returned to Mr. Goddards.  Mr. Thomas Arnold here.  Settled Accounts with him.  A very awfull pinching Drought!  May the Lord extend Compassion, and grant Rain.  I visited Lt. Bruce and prayed with him.  Hear that 1000 regulars are on their march to Worcester.  And that Squire Whipple met with Difficulty at Drurys Mill at Grafton.

August 16, 1774

1774 August 16 (Tuesday).  Attended the Ministers Meeting at Bolton.  In going, though strictly I broke fast at home, yet joined with Mr. Whitney and his Wife in their Breakfast, they going over to Mr. Goss’s also.  Besides Mr. Stone, Mr. Smith and Mr. Whitney, came Messrs. Harrington, Morse and Johnson of Harvard, so that we were Eight.  Mr. Goss Concr. on 1 Cor. 11.2.  Conversation (unavoidably) turned and engrossed us, on the Distresses of the present Times, and our Apprehensions of increasing Difficultys.  N.B. Mr. Harringtons Account of Brigadier Ruggles (from Brigadier himself) of his Journey from Hardwich to [Lancaster?] being required to wait on the Governor at Salem, in Order to take the Oath as a Counsellor.  Returned home seasonally, calling at Mr. Whitney’s.

August 17, 1774

1774 August 17 (Wednesday).  My son Breck has caused Joseph Cullock to come to my work of laying Wall leading Northerly from the Store.  Mr. William Williams’s Wife and Child, with Miss Anne Williams of Sandwich, made us a Visit, dined, p.m. drank (I hope undutyed) Tea.  P.M. a great Fire broke out in Capt. Maynards Stubble of his Rye Field, Some of his men burning Brush there. The Wind was high, which caused the Fire to rage and prevail.  I rode to the plain and alarmed them from the words Capt. Maynard Spoke to me. Many gathered, but through divine Favour the Fire was stopped. There arose also a Thunder storm and an heavy Rain; and which continued into Night.  Our company lodged here. Moses Brigham came in the Eve for me to go up to his Grandmother Grout, who was thought to be dying.  I went in the Rain. She was revived and conversed.  Desired prayer. We prayed. I returned home in safety.  D.G.

August 18, 1774

1774 August 18 (Thursday).  Mrs. Williams and her Neece went to Capt. Maynards and took Sophy with them.  Mr. Forbes and Son Eli came from Cape AnnBoston and from Southborough this Morning.  Cullocks are digging, sledding Great Stones for the wall.  Mr. Webb here. Mr. Joseph Roberts came and lodged here.  Alexander came from Leicester.

August 19, 1774

1774 August 19 (Friday).  Alexander discovers his Trouble.  He wants 60£ Lawfull to pay Mr. John Southgate.  Mr. Roberts to Leicester.  Cullocks at the Wall.  Mr. Jonathan Grout came and informed me that his Mother dyed yesterday about 5 p.m.  A gracious woman, as I hope, and gone to Glory. The Lord grant me Grace to prepare likewise.  Wrote to Mr. John Southgate at Leicester to forbear Severity.  Alexander goes to Framingham.

August 20, 1774

1774 August 20 (Saturday).  Alexander returns from Framingham without Success: His Father Brown gone a journey.  Mr. Ezra Bowman who bought my Horse, came and paid for him.  His note is given up, on his paying £14.14.8 Lawful money to Breck in my behalf.  N.B. Breck delivers 14£ 14/ Lawful to Alexander, by my Order.  This I lend Alexander and have his promisory Note for it.  The Letter to Mr. Southgate I write over again and add my Engagement that my son Shall pay him and as soon as we can raise his money.  Alex goes home. P.M. I attended the Funeral of old Mrs. Mary Grout.  She was 82 years old last January.  I prayed at the House of Mr. Jonathan Grout, where the assembly was not small.  

August 21, 1774

1774 August 21 (Sunday).  Read Habak. 2.  Preached again upon Mat. 25.10 because I was forced to break off the last Exercise abruptly.  Proceeded from p. 77 to 83 with proper Omissions and Additions. An awakening subject, May God Sanctifie the Truths delivered, both to me and to His people!  Mrs. Maynard dined here. P.M. read Heb. 13 and preached on Occasion of Mrs. Grouts Death, from the 14th v. with omissions and Supplements.  Earnestly pray the word may be Sanctifyed to me, to others who are advanced in Life, and to the whole Auditory!

August 22, 1774

1774 August 22 (Monday).  Catechized at the Meeting House.  A.M. About 62 Boys. P.M. Catechized Girls.  26 and a little Boy. In all about 89 today. Young Mr. Hutchinson who preaches at Carlisle here.  In the Eve Mr. Joseph Harrington here and tells of his being disquieted.  I gave him what I conceived to be suitable Answers especially with regard to my answer to the Towns Message to me by their Committee.

August 24, 1774

1774 August 24 (Wednesday).  Mr. Wilder goes to Lancaster.  I wrote by him to Mr. Whitney to preach my next Lecture.  The Rain to Day prevented my wifes going to Brookfield which she tells me Mrs. Maynard and she designed to day.  I was very much engaged, partly reading Bishop Burnets sermon on Oct. 31, 1714, from Ps. 2.10.11, before King George I by his Majestys Special Command. 

August 26, 1774

1774 August 26 (Friday).  Mrs. P________ to Brookfield with Mrs. Maynard, the latter sending a Chaise here by her son Gott for her Aunt.  I went to Lt. Baker to see if he could pay Mr. Asa Hills note.  Mr. Spring makes a Box for my South Cellar Window.  Two artillery Companys meet. One near the Meeting House; the Other at Mr. Morse’s.  The Rev. Mr. Aaron Crosby and his New-marryed spouse visit us and lodge here.

August 27, 1774

1774 August 27 (Saturday).  Mr. Crosby and Lady go to Shrewsbury.  P.M. am informed that a great multitude, above 1500, assembled at Worcester and oblige Honorable Timothy Paine to renounce his Commission as a Counselor etc.  And this afternoon they go from Worcester to Rutland, to oblige Col. Murray to do the like: but he is gone to Boston.  Elias brings Forsdick.

August 29, 1774

1774 August 29 (Monday).  Mr. Morse came here in the Morning, full of Earnestness, and lays before me the great Disquietment in Town by Reason of my not Signing something or other, if it were a Draught of my own etc.  Rather than have such a Hubbub and uproar, I Conceived it to be my duty to Sign what I carryed to the meeting House on the 1st instant. Covering and directing it to Deacon Bond Town Clerk.  P.M. Mr. Morse’s Training.  Prayed with the Company.  Returned home. Capt. Jonas Brigham here, and very fierce about our Rulers.  N.B. Messrs. Caleb and Levi Wilder dined here.  Miss Suse still with us.  Mr. Webb, Mrs. Spring etc. drink Coffee with us.  N.B. Accounts from different parts, esp. from Salem, Medford, Roxbury — that the people are resolved to have Town Meetings according to the old Method.

August 30, 1774

1774 August 30 (Tuesday).  Lt. Nathan Brigham came with a Letter from Mr. Stone request [sic] my Assistance in a Fast next Thursday.  Mr. Hezekiah Taylor dined here.  The world is filled with amazing Distractions.  We daily hear of Tumults. A Meeting at Worcester, of the Committees of Correspondence for this County.  Mrs. Parkman returned from Brookfield.  She relates the Great Trouble my Son Forbes was in last Saturday Night — by reason of the Disquietments of the people, and the [ministers?] Premonitions given [illegible].  N.B. My Son Ebenezer and his son Bradshaw (who has marryed his Daughter Mary) are among the high Liberty men.

August 31, 1774

1774 August 31 (Wednesday).  The Cullocks, Joseph and John have finished my Wall nigh the Meeting House.  Joseph has been 10 Days and John 8 Days besides this Morning till passed ten o’Clock a.m. and ask 20/ old Tenor per Day.  Asa Ware has also assisted many Days with my Team.  Mr. Whitney and his Wife, also the Widow Snow, dined here.  He preached my Lecture on Mat. 5.16, “Let their Light Shine” etc.  He presents me his Discourses on the late Fast, July 14. Mr. Webb, and Mr. Gleason with his Wife here after Lecture.  Mr. Gleason was at Worcester last Saturday and saw what was done to Squire Paine: he relates many Occurrences of late at Boston, Roxbury etc.  Write to Mr. Moore: and to my son Alexander.  Breck goes to Lancaster, to an Entertainment at Col. Levi Willards.  Elias came home from Mr. Goddards, though he went but yesterday.  His master is gone to Uxbridge.