July 20, 1774

1774 July 20 (Wednesday).  Attend to my preparations. Nigh Sun Setting went (according to Request) to Mr. Springs, to Visit their Mother, Mrs. Whitmore.  N.B. I understand that Mr. Brimmer of Boston is at Deacon Woods, with prizers of Mr. John Woods part of that Farm, setting it off to said Brimmer.  I perceive by the public papers that Mr. Samuel Hunt formerly our Neighbour at Boston, Aged 85; and that Sir William Johnson, of Johnson-Hall, above Albany, and Superintendant of Indian Affairs; are dead.  May it please God effectually to admonish me of my own Dissolution!  We have begun the Rye Harvest; and are much favoured with good Weather.  God be praised for it. May God grant to me to remember the Great Harvest at the End of the world!  That I may prepare for it!