July 11, 1774

1774 July 11 (Monday).  Asa, though laid by on the 9th p.m., yet is at his business again today.  He is mowing the rest of the Clover between the Garden and the Road. I assisted in opening the Cocks which had stood over the Sabbath.  Then rode to visit the aged Mrs. Grout, who is very low.  Dined there, and prayed with them.  Visited also Mr. Joseph Grouts Family, who are called to Sing of Mercy of Judgment for Mrs. Grout has newly lain in, and is comfortable, but their Son Joseph is very weak again, and wasting.  Breck has a large Company (Mr. Caleb Wilder and Wife, Col. Ingersol and two Daughters, Dr. Jenisons son and Daughter) who stop at the Store etc.  Mr. Hutchinson brings a Letter from my son William in which he lets me know he has no further Dependence on my Land at Ashby; and he informs that all the Aggrieved Brethren in Concord Church come together to Meeting again.  Blessed be God for this agreeable Reconcilement!  Mrs. Keenes, Wife of Joseph Keenes, here to desire She might be put into a way of preparation for having her Child baptized.  She acknowledged her low Education — but that she was baptized, for that She remembered well her being confirmed by the Bishop of Winchester.