July 7, 1774

1774 July 7 (Thursday).  Mr. Whitney of Northborough here and sollicits my Changing with him next sabbath.  He brought me the last London Magazines for January, February and March.  Messrs. Daniel Hardy, Edwards Whipple etc. here.  The former is disturbed that I would not so much as read, at the late Town-Meeting, what their Committee had prepared to be signed.  I gave him some Reason for my refusing: namely that I was aware that if I heard it, I must either approve or condemn it — but do which I will, I must of necessity be blamed.  If I approved of their Draught, I must have exposed my Self to the resentments of Authority which I must teach all Men to avoid: for I must teach and injoin that “every soul be subject to the higher powers” — “to obey Magistrates” — as Rom. 13.1 and Tit. 3.1.  If I Should dislike it, I was aware that they would not be easily turned aside notwithstanding from what they had done.  I was not o’ mind to render my Self Obnoxious either way.