June 29, 1772

1772 June 29 (Monday).  Breck and Hannah return from Leicester between 10 and 11 o’Clock.  We have a sore Hand with Elias’s Illness.  He has been blistered.  And various other Means are used, but without Effect. Mr. Bridge of Worcester here with another message (by Letter) to Mr. Bradshaw from Mr. Pain, to urge him to take their School.  Mr. Bridge dines with us.  He also brings Mr. Maccartys Request to Change with him next Sabbath but Mr. Fish had bespoke me to go to Upton, for he was here last Saturday in his Return from Concord and expected to go there again.  Accordingly he was here again to day with his Delegates going to Concord.  I rode up to Mr. Joseph Grouts, his youngest Child being Sick.  Mr. Bridge aforesaid, being much discouraged as to Mr. Bradshaws being able to bear the Weight of the School, at present, goes up to Grafton to try for young Mr. Hutchinson to undertake it.  In my returning from Mr. Grouts (where I had prayed with them in their Affliction) I called in at Capt. Jonathan Fay’s.  Here arose a new scene of Trouble, for one Rose was there, a Shooe-Maker, who had worked lately at Mr. Hannaniah Parkers; and having heard his (Mr. Parkers) Disquietments with Me, told them to these Fays, who therefore had got them to complain of with Additions.  I called Rose into the Room, and in my Defence I related nakedly what had been the very Truth of Fact in the two Articles which they had mentioned.  One of which was relative to Brecks Setting up Trading.  The other referred to Mr. Parkers buying me a Psalm-Book at Mr. Boyles’s.  But Capt. Fay was disturbed about the Choosing the Choristers, and about the Deacons and Choristers having (as he said) Psalm Books given them, and about the Seating of the Meeting House etc. etc.  When I got home found my Baldwins here, they having kept Sabbath at Concord, and now were on their way home.  N.B. At Boston, by Means of their Brother Samuel they had lodged at Mr. Shaw’sElias is in great Affliction yet.