June 21, 1772

1772 June 21 (Sunday).  Read Hosea 2.  Prepared Sufficient for two Exercises of Ordinary Length, but could not divide it.  Determined therefore to endeavour to deliver the whole in one.  And what I had yet remaining of the Sermons on Rom. 8.6, latter part, being very suitable to the Occasions of the Day, I a.m. finished that Discourse; administered the Lords Supper.  Mr. Baldwin was with us at Communion.  My Daughter was unwell and could not go to Meeting.  Mrs. Maynard at Dinner.  Ruth Bellows  commonly dines here.  P.M. read Heb. 10.  Preached on Prov. 12.26, though it was long.  Hezekiah How Fessenden Baptized.  Mary Drury, heretofore Pratt, and My Daughter Moore dismissed.  Mr. Bradshaw confined yet.