June 12, 1772

1772 June 12 (Friday).  Trouble with Mr. B’s Merry Mare, which has broke my Fetters and causes Breck a sad Ramble — but finds her where she was Supposed to have jumped from, viz. Lt. Bakers Hill Pasture.  Little Rob-Breck is dipped twice.  Hannah returns from Upton.  P.M. Kezia with her Son leave us to return home to Leicester.  Mr. Morril and his Delegate, Deacon Jaquet, came in, and gave me an account of the Councils Proceedings, at Grafton.  They tarried so long as that Mr. Morrill read the Result to me: and therein I [perceive?] Mr. Hutchinson has been found chargeable with Untruth in some Number of Articles; and blameable in other Respects.  N.B. Mr. Taylor was here in the forenoon.  Mr. Bradshaw took a ride with him in his Chaise.  Memorandum.  Mr. Taylor said he did not write the Publication so much talked of, and that he knew not who did.  Mr. Taylor leaves this Town to go to Shrewsbury and to live at Mr. Sumner’s.