July 2, 1772

1772 July 2 (Thursday).  A.M. visited Mr. Richard Barns, Mr. Abraham Bonds, Mr. Bathericks, and Mr. Hannaniah Parker — had discourse with her as well as with him, but neither of them Seem to be well Satisfyed, though I endeavoured  all I could to mollify, and answer their Complaints.  Met with Mr. Reuben Pratt, who confirms what we have heard of the Straits and Difficultys people in New Towns are exercised with for want of Grain.  P.M. my wife went with me to Mrs. Kendals where was Celebrated the Marriage of her son Jonathan to Miss Sarah Brigham.  Elias was better in the Day but was worse again at Night.  N.B. wrote by Mr. Pratt to my Son Cushing.

July 5, 1772

1772 July 5 (Sunday).  Read Hosea 4.  An Expository Account of the forepart, to v. 5, with Practical Observations, was the forenoon Exercise.  P.M. read Heb. 12.  And preached again on Prov. 29.1, repeating what remained of the Discourse began last Sabbath.  At Even came Mr. Emmerson of Concord from Upton, Mr. Fish preaching for him.  He lodges here.

July 6, 1772

1772 July 6 (Monday).  Mr. Emmerson to Concord.  P.M. Mr. Fish — tells me why he disappointed me and asks forgiveness.  Acquaints me with their proceedings in their Council: their sad Contests and Splitting.  The minor part of the Council drew up and read publickly a Protest against the Result.  Mr. Fish leaves me a Result which I copyed.

July 10, 1772

1772 July 10 (Friday).  A Number more of Neighbours came to help quilt, viz. Mrs. Spring, Abigail Woodward, who dined here.  P.M. Miss Polly Baker and Several others.  N.B. a.m. came Capt. Bradford and his Wife, from Mrs. Allens of Shrewsbury, and Mr. Allen with them.  They dined, drank Tea.  They tarry over the Night.  Breck returned.  N.B. Mr. Hannaniah Parker made up Accounts with me.  Paid £111.10.4, which was in full of 261.1.3 old Tenor or 34.16.2 L.M.

July 12, 1772

1772 July 12 (Sunday).  I Read Ps. 92; because I had not finished what I wanted to deliver on Hosea IV and I preached again on that Chapter, verses 4 and 6.  P.M. read Heb. 13 and being prevented by various Hindrances I repeated sermon on Joh. 3.19 to p. 13.  The 6th Article of the propertys of Light was omitted for want of Time and strength.

July 14, 1774

1772 July 14 (Tuesday).  Sat out early for Cambridge.  Breakfast at Coll. Buckminsters.  Am informed that Miss Henrietta Overing at Dr. Wilsons, Hopkinton, was lately married to Mr. [blank] Jones and is brought to bed of 2 Children.[1]  Called at Deacon Browns.  Dined at Mr. Woodwards.  Called at Capt. John Tainters.  Hear that Mr. John Stearns is become distracted.  Could not but go to See him.  Saw the miserable Man in a Chamber, very naked, chained and wild: the poor Woman much distressed for him.  Lodged at Capt. Daniel Whitneys.

[1]Edward Jones of Providence int. Henneritta Overing, May 6, 1772; Hopkinton VR, 309.

July 15, 1772

1772 July 15 (Wednesday).  Attended the Commencement at Cambridge.  Cousen Thomas Barrett takes Care of my Horse (for there I put up).  Visit Brother and Sister Champney.  Dined in the Hall.  At Sir Bowmans, Sir Whitneys etc.  The publick Assembly very Splendid.  N.B. p.m. Ladys of Quality took possession of the Foreseat instead of the Overseers.  At Dr. Appletons at Evening where was Dr. Haven and Lady.  One of their sons was graduated.  I Supped there.  Lodged at Barretts.  N.B. William Crosby, having conducted unfitly, especially ungratefully to my Son Forbes, who was bound for him, has absconded.  Mr. Bradshaw (now at Brookfield) has his 2d Degree.

July 16, 1772

1772 July 16 (Thursday).  Went to Boston.  My Cousen Bailey has a Son — named Samuel Proctor.  Mr. Mather preached the Lecture on Joh. 16.14.  I dined at Dr. Cooper’s, where Mr. Rand, Lawrence, Hitchcock, and a Number of other Ministers din’d.  P.M. at Mr. Richard Cranch’s, to whom I committ my Watch.  N.B. William Henderson was there, but I did not care to employ him.  At Brother Williams with other Heirs of my Mother to settle our Accounts to this Day.  £8.10 old Tenor my Share of money actually received by Sister Parkman from divers of the Tenants.  The Heirs (except Cousen Oliver, who was Sent for, but did not come) desire Mr. Loyd and Cousen Elias to take the Care of the House and Tenants till providence shall open some other way for the Disposal of it.  I supped at Loyds, but lodged with my Son Samuel at Bradfords.  N.B. Mr. Joseph Greenleaf (who fell under the Frowns of the Governor and Council last year, as or for Mucius Scaevola) came to Mr. Loyds, and was full of the same Spirit that had appeared publicly.

July 17, 1772

1772 July 17 (Friday).  Bought several Books for my Neighbours, viz. Willisons Sacramental Meditations for Mr. Arnold, Mr. Edwards Life for Miss Elizabeth Whipple.  Bought for my self, of Mr. Condy, Bennets Christian Oratory, 2 Volumes.  Gave 3.10 old Tenor.  Visit Mrs. Bailey in her Lying in.  In my returning home, called at Mrs. Goddards in Weston and dined there.  Called also at Mr. Bridg’s at Framingham.  Arrive Safely, through Gods great Goodness, at home, and find all Well.  D.G.  Find here my Cousen Bradford who came with Mrs. Allen, Sister Cushing and Miss Lucy Cushing.  My Son Cushing came also and lodged here.  N.B. Mr. Zeph. Briggs and his Wife and Mr. Hammook here, before I got home.

July 20, 1772

1772 July 20 (Monday).  In Complyance with a Letter from Mr. Hutchinson I went to Grafton to attend a Church Meeting there.  Dined at Mr. Hutchinsons.  At the Meeting I prayed.  The aggrieved oppose the Appointment of the Meeting and will not own the Choice of the Moderator.  Spent the time in Altercations.  It is complained by the Aggrieved that Mr. Hutchinson had agreed with them to have the Meeting (the Business of which was to see whether they would accept the Result of the late Council) to have been some Friday passed, but that he neglected to, and appointed it on a Sabbath Day when none of them were present (for they will not attend on his public  Exercises) and when the assembly was dismissed chose a moderator which they had no hand in.  N.B. Stephen Prentice very coarse, rude, impudent, upon which I did not care to tarry — but being perswaded to Stay, I prevailed with them to condescend to one another and appoint another Meeting and unite also in choosing their Moderator.  These they did.  The Day to be this Day Month, and though I opposed Coming again, they unanimously besought me to come again.  Even Prentice, Lt. Ward and Mr. Ephraim Sherman requested etc.  The Meeting concluded without Prayer or Blessing.  Returned home at Eve, Deacon Meriam and Mr. Nat. Whitney junior accompanying part of the Way.

July 24, 1772

1772 July 24 (Friday).  Elias has not got over the Kick by the Horse, but is unhappily wounded by the fall of a Chizzell upon his Ankle.  This cutt further adds to his Confinement.  Old Mr. Arnold of Grafton makes me a very respectfull Visit.  Endeavours to comfort me under the Affronts received at the late Church-Meeting.  At Eve Phinehas goes to Mr. Thomas Bonds, where he has bargained for a Barrell of Cyder, for 50/ Old Tenor and with my Team brings it home.

July 28, 1772

1772 July 28 (Tuesday).  A Remarkable Day for Brightness, and Burning Heat: but little Wind.  Reapers are Phinehas, Breck and Elias.  They break off at 11 a.m., for they began very early.  They go to work again about 4 p.m.  Before the Heat came on I waited on my Cousen Bradford with my Horse: and we rode northwardly and Southwardly for the Sake of an Airing.  Cousen Bradshaw from Brookfield and lodges here.

July 29, 1772

1772 July 29 (Wednesday).  Another Burning Day — but not So hot as Yesterday.  I preached a Lecture to Such as could and would attend, on Mat. 13.39.  I Sent to Boston by Mr. Edwards Whipple for a Kegg of Rum.  Gave him £3.15 old Tenor.  Mr. Richard Kelly came here with his Mother — and in his Cart brought her Bed, Chest, and a variety of other Goods.  Mr. Bradshaw and Sophy went in the Doctor’s Chaise to Concord.