March 16, 1772

1772 March 16 (Monday).  Mr. Nathan Loring accompanyed me to Capt. Wood’s.  Dined at Capt. Ezekiel How’s.  He tells me that Mr. Peter Noyes, who was at meeting with us yesterday, both forenoon and afternoon, is dead.  The Road tolerable as far as the parting beyond the Milestone 26, but then it grew difficult.  Met Mr. Abraham Wood returning home: but he had not been to Westborough.  Said he could not get there by reason of the Snow.  I stopped at Mr. Samuel Sherman’s who was so kind as to go with me, and took one of his sons with him, the Snow being very deep, and another Storm came on!  We got as far as to Mr. Stone’s, and no farther.  N.B. one William Henderson, Watch maker, etc. there in the Evening.  I lodged there.