March 3, 1772

1772 March 3 (Tuesday).  Young Jacobs leaves us to return to Uxbridge.  I rode over to Mr. Phinehas Maynards (though he has not Sent for me) to visit him in his low, Consumptive Condition.  Talked with him and prayed with him.  Went to Mr. Fessendens.  Borrowed of him Mr. Hookers Souls Humiliation and Preparation for Christ, also in the Same Vol. The unbeliever preparing for Christ.  Visit Mr. James Godfry’s Wife, newly lain in, and Mrs. Maynard, who has lately had an ill Turn.  Mr. Taylor at Eve here.  Brings the British Grammar; and Several Pamphlets: his Letter also from Mr. Crosby at Ono’quage.  Mr. Taylor etc. go to Ashbo’s Wigwam.